Animal Watching / Maizz Visual


Video Installation presented at Marvin festival 2017, which transformed the trees of Parque España, Mexico City, into huge 3D animal motion faces, by creative studio Maizz Visual .



The Zoo / FANG Er

´´½¨: PolyView(R) °æ±¾ 4.28 ÓÚ Polybytes

´´½¨: PolyView(R) °æ±¾ 4.28 ÓÚ Polybytes

FANG Er - The Zoo 3

FANG Er - The Zoo 4

FANG Er - The Zoo 7

Series of photographs, made in Beijing, while the entire city was under construction for the coming 2008 Olympic Games, manipulated  to appear as if they were insects by artist Fang Er, via M97 Gallery.

Zoo cushions / Ionna Vautrin

Ionna Vautrin Zoo cushions

Ionna Vautrin Zoo cushions 1

Ionna Vautrin Zoo cushions 2

Toucan, panda bear and whale, three oversized cushions /cuddle toys from the ongoing Zoo project by French designer Ionna Vautrin.

hedgehog is back

Hedgehog ashtray

Walter Bosse’s legendary six nesting hedgehog ashtrays, reproduced from the original master molds by Modern Vienna Bronze (image source)

Animal lamps / Tom Sachs

Sachs u look lamp detail

Three lamps made of scavenged objects by American sculptor Tom Sachs, from artist’s 2008 solo exhibition Animals, at Sperone-Westwater Gallery, NY.

#1 U Look lamp, #2 Ashtray Lion and #3 Tiger lamp.

tom Sachs u look lamp

Ashtray Lion Tom Sachs


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The bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame

Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla

Painted bronze sculpture by Puerto Rico- based visual artists Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, titled The bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame, 2010 (source).

Snake rapier

19th century flexible sword 1

Silver steel flexible double bladed snake rapier, made during the 19th century in Toledo, Spain. Sharply pointed steel blade: length 810 mm, width 20, thickness 7 mm.  Carved inscriptions: Fca de Toledo in 1846 and Acargo del Cuerno de Artilleria.  Made of steel, silver and brass.

19th century flexible sword 2

19th century flexible sword 6

19th century flexible sword 3

19th century flexible sword 4

Images found here

Julia Lohmann

Kombu Dwellings julia lohmann 1 Kombu Dwellings julia lohmann 2 Kombu Dwellings julia lohmann 5

Kombu Dwellings, 2010
lacquered wood containers, collaboration with Gero Grundmann and Japanese artisans.

Julia Lohmann 4 Julia Lohmann 2 Julia LohmannTidal Ossuary, 2009
Various vessels made of found animal bones, silver and steel.

Cow benches by Julia Lohmann-01 Cow benches by Julia Lohmann-10Cow benches by Julia Lohmann-14

Cow leather benches, 2005

co-existence Julia Lohmann

co-existence by Julia Lohmann

Co-Existence installation, 2009
9000 Petri-dishes with images of bacteria colonies, perspex, lighting

All works from German born -London based multidisciplinary designer Julia Lohmann

Bear chair / Ania Kanicka

Ania Kanicka 1

Ania Kanicka 2 Ania Kanicka 3 Ania Kanicka 4 Ania Kanicka 5

Bear armchair with reading light and blanket by Polish designer / artist Ania Kanicka

fish play sculpture / Vladimira Bratuž Furlan

fish sculpture by Vladimira Bratuz Furlan

A midcentury playable fish at Tivoli Gardens, by Slovenian architect, sculptor and designer Vladimira Bratuž Furlan.

Found at play-scapesimage via.

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Straw Mammoth

setouchi- straw mammoth  2 setouchi- straw mammoth

Site-specific straw sculpture by the Musashino Art University on Shodoshima, one of the five islands in Japan participating the Triennial Setouchi Art Festival. The mammoth was made of rice straw donated by local farmers after the harvest and displayed in the same fields, in 2010.

Straw art is one of the most popular parts of  this festival, where artists collaborate with local residents to create large scale sculptures, like this mammoth. Check out the Light of Shodoshima, a giant straw dome by Wang Wen-chih here.

Photos by artist Michelle Kuen Suet FUNG

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Home Zoo / Silvia Knüppel

Silvia Knüppel  540

Silvia Knüppel  550 Silvia Knüppel  545

Silvia Knüppel  547

Inflatable sea animals covered with slip covers that can be used both as sitting obejcts or as outdoor summer toys with out the cover, from the Home Zoo Covers collection by German designer Silvia Knüppel.

Pictures by Rebekka Seubert

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