vermis 1

vermis 2

vermis 3

Vermis, a digital printed wallpaper with worm patterns, created by London based mixed media artist Malene Hartman Rasmussen.

To the East

Rolito wallpaper

Limited edition landscape wallpaper (4mx3m) from the French Domestic, designed by illustrator/ animator Rolito. Artist’s wallstickers here.


Rolito wallpaper 1

Rolito wallpaper 2

Democracy / Gisele Amantea

Gisele Amantea

Installation view of Democracy, by Canadian artist Gisele Amantea at MASS MoCA, 2012.

previously: your wall is a camvas

the end

THE END by Glen Baldridge. Picture by Halsey Mckay Gallery, NY.

Moss House / Nendo

nendo dry moss 2

nendo dry moss


nendo dry moss 0


nendo dry moss tokyo


An old wooden house in Tokyo decorated with patterns of dry moss by Japanese architectural firm Nendo (2008).

Previously: thin black racks by Nendo

dial M for Massacre

Bloody Moon wall paper series made by Pixersize.
Found here.

a very fine line

The house of artist Shantell Martin in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

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Skycatcher Wallpaper

A monumental wallpaper made from 88 thousand images of the sky above Amsterdam (taken from Luna Maurer’s sky-catcher project), created by Jonathan Puckey and Luna Maurer  at the Museum De Paviljoens, 2007. Each vertical strip is exactly one day and contains 144 images and you can see the duration of the days change by the size of the blue bar (daytime).

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