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Otocycles-Electro-Bikes 2


Otocycles-Electro-Bikes bcn

Otor and Otok, two retro-like electric bikes with a very quite engine and autonomy up to 50 kilometers, by Barcelona based Otocycles

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From a ’67 magazine ad: the legentary amphibious + convertible Amphicar Model 770, pulling the ab fab 4.30m long amphibious + fully equipped mobile home Suleica F430 SwimmCaravan, both sold briefly during the 1960s in the USA by German companies.


vintage pot tractor

Gevalia coffee brand bus 1956

The 50’s pot-shaped tractors of Gevalia‘s (coffee and tea brand) mobile cafe in Gävle, Sweden.

Image source from Gävleborg County Museum, via retronaut

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I have been meaning to post these images for quite some time, and the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide yesterday, flooded by an ocean of crocodile tears from the international community provides a bloody good occasion to do so.

Found at Siris, these photosouvenirs are from Judge E. Gorlia‘s second journey in the Belgian Congo (ca. 1915 ). Gorlia was a keen amateur photographer and at the time acting as an alternate to the public officer at one of the seven tribunals of first instance (sic). In the description text you’ll find the following lines:

The hammock was the only conveyance available for travel on land. It was swung beneath a bamboo pole carried on the shoulders of two strong African men. They could travel 20 to 30 miles a day. In normal time, there were four pairs of men for the hammock, two men carrying at a time. Men strong enough were almost impossible to find because they were likely to go off to work in the mines.




Belgian Congo transportation



voiture de police poulailler / Benedetto Bufalino



Benedetto Bufalino

Busted chickens in a reconstructed 1970s police car, turned into a fully functional chicken coop, by French artist Benedetto Bufalino

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Paradise Parking / Peter Lippmann

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_17

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_16

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_08

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_18

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_11

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_15

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_13

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_01

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_12

Paradise Parking, from the personal work of American photographer Peter Lippmann

Hank Butitta Bought a Bus

Hank Butitta bought a bus 7 Hank Butitta bought a bus 2

Hank Butitta bought a bus 3


As his master’s final project, architect Hank Butitta transformed a school bus into a mobile home, equiped with a kitchen, bathroom, beds, storage and flooring from reclaimed wood panels.

Find more and follow his travels at Hank Bought a Bus.

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Extreme Flyboarding



Extreme water Jet Pack fun from the Aquatic Aviation team, shot on the island of Oahu in Hawaii,  check out the behind the scenes footage here

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Daf33 Peddle cart / Snode Vormgevers, Keukenconfessies

Snode Vormgevers 1



A Daf 33 transformed into a peddle cart made by Snode Vormgevers (aka sly designers) collective and Keukenconfessies.

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WAW velomobiles / Fietser.be



The WAW is the “Ferrari” of tricycles, originally developed for human-powered vehicle races and the fastest velomobiles available on the market. The new eWAW adapted for daily use by Fietser.be offers an alternative sustainable transportation as a sportif electric bicycle for longer trips.

The eWAW has an aerodynamic full body helmet for safety and complete weather protection, a 250W electric motor to give a person -w/average fitness level- the power output of an athlete and precise steering even on sharp corners.



waw dtl2



Find why the eWAW is 80 times more efficient than an electric car and much more  @ low tech mag

ELF velomobiles / Organic Transit


A more conventional three-wheeled velomobile, made with 45% recycled aluminum, electrically assisted by a 480w lithum battery and built in 60w solar panels, storage compartment, created by Organic Transit, a Durham, North Carolina-based company.

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check a cool three-wheeled electric car here!

the C-1


An electric motorcycle encased in a metal shell, steering wheel, foot pedals and two big gyroscopes under the floor to keep it from tipping over, even when a car hits it from the side!


The C-1’s top speed  is 120 miles per hour (193 km/h) and it can travel 200 miles on a full charge. Designed by Daniel Kim, the self-balancing motorcycle will be delivered in the United States by Lit Motors. Each motorcycle will cost $24,000 for the first production run of 1,000 in 2014.

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