The changing states of Solids


“Calm” by Shanghai based art collective MadeIn Company is an installation made of debris from construction sites, currently located at Vancouver’s outdoor exhibition space “Offsite“.
It is actually not made for people to walk on, rather than watching it slightly move by itself in a subtle wavy motion (watch video below and this news report)

Links to videos 1 & 2. via thisIsColossal.

oil cityscapes / John Dubrow

Duane Street Park, 2007—2010

John Dubrow 8

Yellow Tree, Early Morning, 2010

John Dubrow 7

Standing Playground, Early Summer, 2012-13 and three details

John Dubrow 1 John Dubrow dtl

John Dubrow 2

John Dubrow 3

Hudson River Park, 2012-13 and detail

John Dubrow 4b

John Dubrow 4

Small Standing Playground, 2012—2013

John Dubrow 0

Oil on linen paintings, from the Urban series of NYC based painter John Dubrow.

Images cortesy of the artist, close ups by artist Hiroyuki Hamada

Line Of Sight

[vimeo w=580&h=310]

Clip from Line Of Sight, a documentary on alleycat races, the informal and partly illegal races organized by bicycle messengers that have become a global phenomenon.
Filmed by Lucas Brunelle with the help of his customized helmet cameras.
Directed and Edited by Benny Zenga.
Found here. Link to video.

Structures 3 / Atelier Olschinsky

Illustration series Structures 3,  by Austrian Atelier Olschinsky aka Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss

Luz nas Vielas

Participative Urban Art project in Vila Brâsilandia, one of the favelas in São Paulo w/the words in Portugese ‘Beauty’, ‘Love’, ‘Sweetness’, ‘Firmness’, and ‘Pride’, by Boa Mistura, a group of five Spanish artists, Arkoh, Derko, Pahg, Purone and Rdick.

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Malpica Harbour / CREUSeCARRASCO architects


The redevelopment project of Malpica Port, La Coruña, Spain by CREUSeCARRASCO architects (Juan Creus, Covadonga Carrasco)


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Amazingly awesome prosthetics by French company Custoprothetik.
Simon Colin (founder of Custoprothetik) partnered with graffiti artists and created the series above, of urban-inspired alternative arms and legs.
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Foragers is a design proposal presented through models, photographic scenarios, videos and 3D texts. Curated by UK based studio Dunne & Raby in collaboration with photographer Jason Evans and writer Alex Burrett it explores the not-so-far-from-reality scenario of a planetary food shortage.  Stemming from specialised subgroups within our current culture – guerilla gardens, garage biologists, amateur biologists and more, the foragers system seeks to extract nutritional value from non-human foods by marrying synthetic biology with digestive devices inspired by mammals such as birds, fish and insects.

Custom devices , such as the ‘augmented digestive system’, the ‘grass processor’ and the ‘algae digester’ would use synthetic biology to create ‘microbial stomach bacteria’, along with electronic and mechanical equipment designed to maximise the nutritional value of vegetation or other material found in the urban environment. Enjoy the present!

augmented digestive system

algae digester

grass processor

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