Zen forest house

A beautiful handcrafted forest house in Oregon, USA, inspired by the traditional Japanese Minka homes, build from salvaged materials by Brian Schulz.

Video from Kirsten Dirksen of Faircompanies.

HB6B -one home / Karin Matz


The inexpensive refurbisment of a 36.0 sqm abandoned apartment in Stockholm, by Swedish architect Karin Matz.

The bathroom and the right part of the house, where all the functions are squeezed in on top of, in-between, under and inside each other (bedroom, kitchen, wardrobe and storage) are completely redone, while the rest of the free standing space is left with all walls repaired, but more or less as they have been for the last 20 years.







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House A

A video on the gut renovation of an old 34 m2 studio with  small garden, in Athens Greece, by designer Werner Maritsas aka elasticeye aka myself. The footage was originaly made for Kristen Dirksen and featured at Faircompanies as “Athens tiny home grows with built-in furniture & fluid garden“.

Above a version edited by another member of our team, harisla aka architect Haris Lalousis.

The aim was to create a spacious, minimal and open space, out of an old and rather dark urban tinny appartment. Scroll down for photos

werner maritsas house a corridor-11 werner maritsas house a


2 3house-a--garden-2

You may find more photos / info on this project @ my site here

Keret house / Jakub Szczesny


An art installation / fully functional house, by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny, situated in the center of Warsaw between two existing buildings. The House is measuring 92 centimeters in its narrowest point and 152 centimeters in its widest and will provide a temporary home for travelling writers.


The project was launched on Saturday 20th of October in Warsaw. It is led by the Israeli writer Etgar Keret and organized Polish Modern Art Foundation.

Photography by Bartek Warzecha

via dezeen   +   homedesign


Sandwich house

Origami Polikatoikea


This tiny (not for Japanese standards) apartment in Barcelona looks at first like an empty match box. But once the owner and the designer Christian Schallertstarts opening the cupboards that form the entire side wall the minimal space gets instantly transformed into kitchen, bedroom, wardrobe and anything else a young, single, city inhabitant needs.

Trivia about Christian: he recently moved out of the apartment after getting into a relationship! Does this tell us something about the functionality of the space?

Info via gizmodo (thanks George!), trivia via geekosystem

21.5 m²

Tamka” is a 21.5 m² apartment in Warsaw by architect Jakub Szczesny of Centrala. It consists of a transformable kitchen/ dining area, an elevated bed to provide space for a washing machine and some extra storage room, and a bathroom with an opening to the bed, used by the owner’s son as a way to run around the bath+ kitchen unit. Via designboom. Continue reading “21.5 m²”