Hypnopompic / Kustaa Saksi




Silk screen prints from the series Hypnopompic (aka the state of consciousness leading out of sleep) by Finnish illustrator Kustaa Saksi, found at creative agency Hugo & Mari.

Autograph quilt / Adeline Harris Sears

Tumbling blocks Quilt, Adeline Harris Sears

Tumbling blocks patterned Autograph quilt made by Adeline Harris Sears (1839–1931), found at Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Tumbling blocks Quilt, Adeline Harris Sears dtl 1

Online description of the exhibit: In 1856, seventeen-year-old Adeline Harris, the daughter of a well-to-do Rhode Island mill owner, conceived of a unique quiltmaking project. She sent small diamond-shaped pieces of white silk worldwide to people she esteemed as the most important figures of her day, asking each to sign the silk and return it to her. By the time the signatures were all returned and ready to be stitched into a tumbling-blocks patterned quilt, Adeline had amassed an astonishing collection of autographs. Her quilt features the signatures of eight American presidents; luminaries from the worlds of science, religion, and education; heroes of the Civil War; such authors as Charles Dickens and Ralph Waldo Emerson; and an array of prominent artists.

Tumbling blocks Quilt, Adeline Harris Sears  dtl3

Colori e profumi del Mediterraneo / Sonia Bardella



Mosaic pieced quilt, titled Colori e profumi del Mediterraneo, made of approximately 24000 tiny squares snipped from old shirts, pillowcases and towels, by Italian patchwork artist Sonia Bardella.



Image by quiltinspiration from the In Full Bloom exhibition 2013 Houston.

Confetti quilts / Noriko Endo



Art quilts created by Japanese master quilter Noriko Endo. The artist has developed a unique quilting technique called Confetti Naturescapes, which involves layering colorful bits of fabric on batting, adding a covering of tulle and then machine quilting the entire piece.


Endo Noriko


Cherry Blossoms by Noriko Endo



Endo Noriko


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improvisional quilts / Susana Allen Hunter



Selection of quilts made in the 50’s by African-American worker and quiltmaker Susana Allen Hunter (1912 – 2005), now @ The Henry Ford Museum.

Susana Allen Hunter 50's quilt

Susana Allen Hunter 50's quilt 2

Susana Allen Hunter 50's quilt 3

Susana Allen Hunter 50's quilt 4

Susana Allen Hunter quilt

The Nest Quilt / Carrie Bloomston

carrie-bloomston-nest detail


The Nest Quilt created by Carrie Bloomston of SUCH designs, found at quilt inspiration blog


Festival of Quilts

Festival of Quilts 3

Festival of Quilts 5

Festival of Quilts 4

Festival of Quilts 2

Beautiful motifs from the Festival of Quilts, UK, found here

Junk Bones

JB12JB11 JB10A collection of experimental garments by Grace Kubilius  (Photos by Carrie Anne Kelly)

Junk Bones is an exploration of the garment as an artifact, relic, or ghost. Torn and shredded materials have been woven, braided, and stitched back together. Paint, shellac, plastic, and rust have been used to coat and cover surfaces, transforming soft fiber materials into brittle exteriors, and stiff, rigid structures. When worn, the garments begin to unravel, decay, and crack.

Via deface365