Anatomical board of a speaker / Coralie Gourguechon

Coralie Gourguechon paper speaker 1

Graphic design and basic electronics combined to turn a simple sheet of paper into a functioning speaker for educational use, by Toulouse-based product designer Coralie Gourguechon.

The speaker cone is detached from the sheet, and spreads out to form a mechanical amplification of the sound system, and the position of the cone is also an indicator of operation. When flat, the speaker is turned off, as the folding close the circuit, creating a switch system mecanically.


Coralie Gourguechon paper speaker 2

Coralie Gourguechon paper speaker 3

Coralie Gourguechon paper speaker 4

Coralie Gourguechon paper speaker 5

Co-production ISDAT

Can City / Studio Swine

The Brazilian design duo architect Azusa Murakami and artist Alexander Groves of Studio Swine, created the Can City, a mobile foundry fueled by waste vegetable oil, that can produce on location various sand casted objects, using recycled aluminium cans from the streets of São Paulo. Check out the above short film on Can City project by Juriaan Booij.

Studio Swine can city

Artists describing the project:

In a city with some 20 million residence the waste is on a massive scale, however over 80% of the recycling is collected by an informal system of independent waste collectors known as Catadores who pull their handmade carts around the streets. Can City creates a system where their livelihoods can extend beyond rubbish collection. Where the majority of carbon cost is in the transportation of goods rather than their production – Can City explores the possibility of industry returning to our cities, using free metal and free fuel to produce an endless range of individually crafted aluminum items adaptable to customisations and able to ‘cast on demand’.

Can City project was made for Coletivo Amor de Madre Gallery, São Paulo and produced a serie of can stools.

can city

can city stool

can city stool 4

can city stool 6

can city stools

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voiture de police poulailler / Benedetto Bufalino



Benedetto Bufalino

Busted chickens in a reconstructed 1970s police car, turned into a fully functional chicken coop, by French artist Benedetto Bufalino

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eco toilets


An innovative toilet-to-garden process turning waste into resource, in Haiti’s camp for the internally-displaced.

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Daf33 Peddle cart / Snode Vormgevers, Keukenconfessies

Snode Vormgevers 1



A Daf 33 transformed into a peddle cart made by Snode Vormgevers (aka sly designers) collective and Keukenconfessies.

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WAW velomobiles /



The WAW is the “Ferrari” of tricycles, originally developed for human-powered vehicle races and the fastest velomobiles available on the market. The new eWAW adapted for daily use by offers an alternative sustainable transportation as a sportif electric bicycle for longer trips.

The eWAW has an aerodynamic full body helmet for safety and complete weather protection, a 250W electric motor to give a person -w/average fitness level- the power output of an athlete and precise steering even on sharp corners.



waw dtl2



Find why the eWAW is 80 times more efficient than an electric car and much more  @ low tech mag

Do-It-Your(Cell)f Phone / David Melis


Experimental homemade cell phone, one more project on the possibilities of individual construction and customization by David Melis from High-Low Tech.

The initial prototype combines a custom electronic circuit board with a laser-cut plywood and veneer enclosure. The phone accepts a standard SIM card and works with any GSM provider. The display is a color 1.8″, 160×128 pixel, TFT screen. The prototype contains about $150 in parts.



more photos on the DIY cell here

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C-0796 bicycle lawnmower / Florian Hauswirth


A fusion of lawnmower and bicycle, project for the «Kinderspiel» (child’s play) contest at Designbiennale Luzern (special prize), by Swiss designer Florian Hauswirth.