FUTAGAMI Cutlery knife

FUTAGAMI Towel hanger

Various objects and lights from Futagami, a Japanese brass foundry founded in 1897, all created in collaboration with designer Masanori Oji

Souvenirs from the Procedure Room


Set of souvenir plates with printed drawings of police torture techniques in Ukraine, part of the project titled Procedure room by Austria based- Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan. The project included also posters, with the same Soviet era style of drawings and text from Yekaterina Mishchenko and Nikita Kadan.















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Studio Nicola Tassie




Hand-thrown domestic ware, made of limoge porcelain by UK ceramicist Nicola Tassie.

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beat up creations by Angela Rossi

Altered antique plate by Amgela Rossi from the Beat Up Creations

Vandalized Vintage

Vandalized vintage-tea-set

One of a kind Vandalized Vintage china tea set  by Trixie Delicious

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Supper With Shakespeare

Venetian Knife and Fork

Coral handled Venetian knife and fork from about 1600 from Supper With Shakespeare: The Evolution of English Banqueting exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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Pig Skin / Cindy Strobach

Cindy Strobach pig_skin2 Cindy Strobach pig_skin3

Cutlery made of pig skin creared by London based designer Cindy Strobach, as social experiment crossing the frontier of human perception and moral concepts.

It is all about decontextualizing of pig skin, including aspects of mass production and the throw-away mentality. Furthermore, the skin experiences a second revival, increasing its value through aesthetic and practical dimensions.

bunny trays

Resin trays designed by Tina Frey for Lapin

39 wooden bowls

Series of bowls made from reused old Dutch wood by design duo Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe aka the Usuals


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good f&*king design advice

Mugs from Good F*cking Design Advice quoting ‘Don’t f*cking procrastinate’ and ‘Stay up all f*cking night’.
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Skyline cup designed by Anatoliy Omelchenko for Triangle Tree.
You can enjoy your coffee watching New York’s skyscrapers being reflected in a seriously polluted Hudson River.

The Gun Mug

Ceramic Gun Mug from Think Geek

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