It’s No Picnic Table / Michael Beitz

Michael Beitz 1b Michael Beitz 2 Michael Beitz 3 Michael Beitz 1

It’s No Picnic Table designed by artist Michael Beitz for the front external space of Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, in Nebraska (2011).

Northern Clams / Guillaume Binard

guillaume binard 1


guillaume binard 3

White birch top / steel table by French designer Guillaume Binard.

Lathe table / Sebastian Brajkovic



Anodized aluminium coffee table, from the Lathe series by Dutch designer Sebastian Brajkovic.

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Takeshi Miyakawa




Takeshi Miyakawa 8 Takeshi Miyakawa 7

Zero Shift – mdf table /bench

Takeshi Miyakawa 5


Takeshi Miyakawa 4

Affordable Housing – plywood cabinet


Wedge – plywood table

Takeshi Miyakawa 88f copy

Takeshi Miyakawa 88b

14+1 – plywood shelving system


Takeshi Miyakawa 1

Infinity – oak /steel rod chair

Takeshi Miyakawa 2

Gang of four – plywood book shelves


Works of Brooklyn-based furniture designer Takeshi Miyakawa

Sparkle palace / John Foster

John Foster 1 John Foster 2 John Foster 3 John Foster 5 John Foster 6

Sparkle palace cocktail table / sculpture by American artist John Foster

Kai Table / Naoki Hirakoso






Handcraft lounge table (90x90cm), full of secret cupboards and drawers, by Japanese designers Naoki Hirakoso and Takamitsu Hirataka.

Photo by Takumi Ota,   via architizer

Garden table / Fredrik Paulsen

Fredrik Paulsen fredrik_paulsen_073

Fredrik Paulsen fredrik_paulsen_012 fredrik_paulsen_013

The Garden table made from aluminium, pop rivets, hose clamp and a found spade by Swedish designer Fredrik Paulsen

Wood casting / Hilla Shamia

Hilla Shamia 5

Hilla Shamia 13


08 Hilla Shamia 4


Furniture combining cast aluminium and wood by Tel Aviv-based product designer Hilla Shamia.