Naihan Li II


Naihan Li - I-AM-A-MONUMENT-2.0-2

I AM A MONUMENT 2.0, storage and credenza

Naihan Li - 39ºN-73ºE

39ºN, 73ºE, mirror

naihan-li-crates lounge table

The portable Crates series,  football table, closet and lounge table.

All by Beijing based furniture designer Jing Jing Naihan Li

Otto / Paolo Cappello

Otto - Paolo Cappello 01

Otto - Paolo Cappello 02

Otto - Paolo Cappello 03

Otto, table with wooden structure and glass tabletop by Verona based designer Paolo Cappello.

New Steel stool / Noon Studio

Noon Studio Steel_stool_2014-a

The robust New Steel stool 2014 can also be used as coffee table or book holder, no-screw, no-glue system, by London based designers Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taïani of studio Noon.

Noon Studio Steel_stool_2014-b

Noon Studio  Steel_stool_2014-c

Les Ruches / Avril de Pastre

Avril de Pastre 1

Les Ruches, a collection of low tables made of successive trays, that can form various shapes, from French designer Avril de Pastre, edited by Polit.

Avril de Pastre - Ruches

Avril de Pastre - Ruches

Avril de Pastre Ruches

Mandalaki table

The Mandalaki table by Milan based designers Enrico De Lotto, Georgios Kolliopoulos (Koli) and Cristian Loddo of studio Mandalaki, is made of two iron pipe legs with six main plugs and 2 USB ports. The double-faced top is attached to the legs without screws.


via shoebox dwelling

Sam Baron

sam baron 7

Objects, furniture and pendant light by French designer Sam Baron

sam baron 2

sam baron collection

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A Table for Two

Matt_Innes_Ampersand_table1 Matt_Innes_Ampersand_table2 Matt_Innes_Ampersand_table14

Typography lounge table, homage to the 70’s American type designer Herb Lubalin, created by Melbourne based designers Matt Innes and Saori Kajiwara  
Available at Council of Objects, Australia – via fox is black

Quark coffee table / Emmanuel Babled

emmanuel babled quark table 1 emmanuel babled quark table 2 emmanuel babled quark table 3 emmanuel babled quark table 4 emmanuel babled quark table 5

Plexiglass coffee table by French industrial designer Emmanuel Babled

It’s No Picnic Table / Michael Beitz

Michael Beitz 1b Michael Beitz 2 Michael Beitz 3 Michael Beitz 1

It’s No Picnic Table designed by artist Michael Beitz for the front external space of Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, in Nebraska (2011).

Northern Clams / Guillaume Binard

guillaume binard 1


guillaume binard 3

White birch top / steel table by French designer Guillaume Binard.

Lathe table / Sebastian Brajkovic



Anodized aluminium coffee table, from the Lathe series by Dutch designer Sebastian Brajkovic.

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Takeshi Miyakawa




Takeshi Miyakawa 8 Takeshi Miyakawa 7

Zero Shift – mdf table /bench

Takeshi Miyakawa 5


Takeshi Miyakawa 4

Affordable Housing – plywood cabinet


Wedge – plywood table

Takeshi Miyakawa 88f copy

Takeshi Miyakawa 88b

14+1 – plywood shelving system


Takeshi Miyakawa 1

Infinity – oak /steel rod chair

Takeshi Miyakawa 2

Gang of four – plywood book shelves


Works of Brooklyn-based furniture designer Takeshi Miyakawa