Greenhouses in Colombia



Images of bamboo greenhouses in Colombia, found at Guadua Bamboo

Pig Skin / Cindy Strobach

Cindy Strobach pig_skin2 Cindy Strobach pig_skin3

Cutlery made of pig skin creared by London based designer Cindy Strobach, as social experiment crossing the frontier of human perception and moral concepts.

It is all about decontextualizing of pig skin, including aspects of mass production and the throw-away mentality. Furthermore, the skin experiences a second revival, increasing its value through aesthetic and practical dimensions.

eco toilets


An innovative toilet-to-garden process turning waste into resource, in Haiti’s camp for the internally-displaced.

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C-0796 bicycle lawnmower / Florian Hauswirth


A fusion of lawnmower and bicycle, project for the «Kinderspiel» (child’s play) contest at Designbiennale Luzern (special prize), by Swiss designer Florian Hauswirth.

OS water boiler / Unfold


Water Boiler with a 3D printed ceramic filter by design studio Unfold, part of the Open Structures project.

“Coffee makers and water boilers are relatively simple machines, yet their workings are typically inaccessible to the user. Repair or even recycling becomes impossible: once the product ceases to function, it is rendered disposable. The OS Boiler explores an alternative approach to the design and production of these ubiquitous appliances. Based on the OS design principles, the WaterBoiler’s (completely disassembleable) design and transparent construction invites users to adapt, repair, and combine with existing OpenStructures components.”

“The limited complexity of the Boiler allows new partnerships to emerge that can adapt to the scale of production: a single unit designed as a DIY kit to one-thousand units produced in a collaboration of international suppliers and local manufacturers. Consistent application of simple and straightforward principles in design and production leads to an object that can evolve and adapt over time.”

The WaterBoiler was originally designed & composed by Jesse Howard in collaboration with Thomas Lommée It contains OS parts designed by Fabio Lorefice (3D printed adaptor piece)  and Unfold (3D printed ceramic waterfilter)

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mobile egg house / Dai Haifei

Beijing architect Dai Haifei lives in this mobile house, made of bamboo and covered with grass for natural insulation. The house has solar panels on top and in it there is one lamp, bed and water tank, and it really only works for one person. Dai created this egg home with the help of his friends, as he couldn’t afford Beijing’s high rental prices. Haifei managed to stay in structures on the streets for several months until local media attention forced him to leave.


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Hybrid sustainable building @Sao Paulo, by French-Brazilian architects Triptyque.
The walls are made of organic concrete with pores that allow several plant species to grow, creating a layer of vegetation that works like the skin of the structure.
Pictures found here and here.
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pita bread toaster / Adi Zaffran

oven made from a concrete block by Adi Zaffran