the plate

“The Plate” by Belgian duo Lucile Soufflet and Bernard Gigounon (previously presented here), located at La Louvière, Belgium.
Being a direct reference to the town’s ceramics manufactoring heritage, the huge broken plate can be seen as both an archeological artefact -an expression of the industry’s decline-, and as an incongruous surreal object.
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liquid ground

Conceived from her research into the numerous recorded cases of accidental drowning in London’s Thames river, Australian artist Helen Pynor has created ‘liquid ground’, a series of large-scale photographs which capture various water-buoyed garments expelling human organs from within its floating form.
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A forest of thorns shall be his tomb / borne through the skies on a fog of doom / Now go with a curse and serve me well / Round Stefan’s castle cast my spell

“BRICKED CASTLES” by Swiss artist Beni Bischof.
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Self Portrait as Big World

Image from BOY O BOY, all rights reserved

Self Portrait as Big World by Julie Heffernan, 2008.
More of her work here. Found here.

happy mother’s day

From mommy with love: Knife-thrower Louella Gallagher throws knives at her daughters Connie Ann, 5, and Colleena Sue, 2-1/2, missing them skillfully as the knives enter a board.
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Jim Kazanjian

Jim Kazanjian‘s  fictitious and gloomy digital constructions


Miró for beginers

Playground @the Mount Royal park, Montréal, Canada, by Cardinal Hardy.
The ground formations along with the surrealistic play structures are integrated into the silhouette of the salamander as it rises from the earth.
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Beneath the Roses

Surreal moods, longings and malaise of suburban America by photographer Gregory Crewdson. Pictures found here and here.