Q-TA 2

Q-TA 5

Q-TA 8

Q-TA 1

Q-TA 10

Q-TA 11

Surrealistic illustrations by Japanese art director / collage artist Q-TA

late for meeting

Suburban surrealism in “Late for meeting” animated short by L.A. based director David Lewandowski.
Link to video.

the observable universe

hsu_four_01 tumblr_m80ds9fgHT1qad74xo1_1280tumblr_l9y6gztS711qad74x tumblr_mp2y1g9wZb1qad74xo1_1280 tumblr_l6umknfIht1qad74x tumblr_kvk2b4ynkn1qad74x tumblr_lbtx2rZmki1qad74x
Pictures by American skateboarder and photographer Jerry Hsu, currently exhibited at the Family bookstore, Los Angeles, under the title “The Observable Universe”.

surrealist camping lunch

st_artrestoremicro3_f camping lunch n°1 Surrealist camping lunch 3Camping lunch 4Swiss artist Till Rabus pays homage to Salvador Dalí with his deliciously bizarre series “Surrealist Camping Lunch“.
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slow story

8425732475_35d40ec3d5_o 8398439736_97c1c8884f_o 8176575733_924fe08fee_o 7649041386_e71862b8de_o 7630826186_5d0a849929_o 7415791386_723c99a88b_o7408510206_8984a3c21a_oSurrealistic illustrations by Barcelona based Russian artist Anton Marrast (read his interview here).
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the life aquatic #3

The octopus world by Vienna based digital artist Heri Irawan.

Masonic Dial

1950’s eccentric Masonic Dial Watch by Girard-Perregau.
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[vimeo https://vimeo.com/55262628 w=560&h=310]

[Vacuum] is a short fashion film by Brazilian-based animation / design studio Sinlogo featuring the works of  fashion designer Fernanda Quilici.
Found here. Link to video.