Super Magritte

tumblr_mly5uspyGQ1sps67ro1_500 tumblr_mly5uspyGQ1sps67ro2_500 tumblr_mly2fefgqx1sps67ro1_500 tumblr_mly2fefgqx1sps67ro2_500 tumblr_mly20aOWuy1sps67ro1_500 tumblr_mly20aOWuy1sps67ro2_500 tumblr_mly2mseJ5w1sps67ro1_500 tumblr_mly2mseJ5w1sps67ro2_500 tumblr_mly28nXkQY1sps67ro1_500 tumblr_mly28nXkQY1sps67ro2_500Nintendo’s 8bit hero Super Mario meets Belgian surrealist master René Magritte in Super Magritte tumblr project.
Found here.


Found here.

guess who?

Famous cartoon heros , reduced in cubic impressions made entirely by lego parts. My personaly favourite is idefix 🙂

Found on fb ( more info is wellcomed!)

Paper Heroes

Paper cut heroes by graphic designer Greg Guillemin.  (buy prints here)

Look mum no hands!

“Superhero” Li Wei’s  photos… bid on the “Photoshop retouching” debate and check out some of his videos on “the making of “…

PLANET RIETVELD – home at last!

Superheros and Pop culture icons meet Modern design in Dimitris Polychroniadis “Superhero Fusion” Series.

Photography by Michalis Dalanikas & Dimitris Polychroniadis.

Superheroes on Bicycles

Art by Mike Joos


See Jayson Musson’s vision of a contemporary American superhero. Will SuperBarrack fly the skies after November?