The Dictator / Hideya Kawakita

hideya-kawakita-The Dictator 1976

Dictator, The Seat Monopolizer subway poster, created as an etiquette campaign in the mid 70s to discourage man-spread on Tokyo trains, by Japanese graphic designer Hideya Kawakita.

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voices in your head

German media company Sky Deutschland is proposing to transmit adverts via train windows so that the sound appears to “come from inside the user’s head” when passengers lean against them.
The idea would use bone conduction technology, a technique that transmits sound to the inner ear by passing vibrations through the skull.

More @BBC News. Link to video.

Based on a True Story

Policy advisory shot by Jilly Ballistic @Bryant Park, New York.
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surprise catwalk

The “surprise catwalk” stunt @Oslo’s fashion week by Fretex, a second hand clothing chain operated by the Salvation Army:
A realsize catwalk was installed outside the exit of a main Subway Station and the unsuspecting passengers were used as models, presenting what might be the future Fretex fashion; the clothes they are wearing today.
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Link to video, here.


The Superhero Project by Abner Preis is a performance where the artist goes to work dressed as superhero in different cities around the world.

The project explores the unexpected moment of public intimacy that occurs between strangers who allow themselves to share the same imaginations with the artist.
Citizens access to the liberty of free expression that comes from wearing a mask and, by extension, the transformative power of fashion.

The Superhero Project will be presented in the context of ModoBrussels, Brussels’ premiere fashion event.

More info here & here.

right place, right time

14th street & 8th avenue, NYC subway station. Found here.

Poster Boy

Ad attacks from NY based street artist Poster Boy


poster boy wewastetime

poster boy

poster boy 1 poster boy 2 devolution poster boy 3 devolution

poster boy obey

poster boy 1a poster boy 1b

poster boy goldman sucks

poster boy 12

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