The Hollow / Ridley Buchanan Architects

Ridley Buchanan Architects The Hollow 1

Ridley Buchanan Architects The Hollow 2

Ridley Buchanan Architects The Hollow 3

Ridley Buchanan Architects The Hollow 4


The Hollow is an inflatable urban installation that allows a moment of reflection by encouraging visitors to recline and enjoy a tree canopy and the sky beyond, designed by UK based studio Ridley Buchanan Architects, of Ben Ridley and Kyle Buchanan.

People For Smarter Cities campaign / Ogilvy & Mather

People For Smarter Cities by Ogilvy -Mather, IBM 1 People For Smarter Cities by Ogilvy -Mather, IBM 2People For Smarter Cities by Ogilvy -Mather, IBM 3

People For Smarter Cities campaign, aka three functional billboards designed for IBM by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather France.

photographer Bruno Bicalho Carvalhaes

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Off-Ground project / Jair Straschnow, Gitte Nygaard


OFF GND (off ground), adjustable seating/ playing elements for public space, made off steel pipes and rejected fire hoses, by Amsterdam-based designers Jair Straschnow and Gitte Nygaard, Copenhagen, Denmark.



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Urban Adapter /Rocker-Lange Architects

rocker-lange_urban-adapter 01

rocker-lange_urban-adapter 03

rocker-lange_urban-adapter 05 rocker-lange_urban-adapter 02

rocker-lange_urban-adapter 06

Proposal for a street bench that can adapt to different site conditions and functions, such as recycling containers, flower buckets or billboards, designed in 2009 by Rocker-Lange Architects for Hong Kong & Shenzhen Biennale.

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kumiki studio 01 japan

kumiki studio 01 japan 2

kumiki studio 01 japan 6

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A multi-function grid bench called Kumiki, made from local waste cedar, created over a weeklong workshop by Studio_01 (designers Alex Knezo and Akinori Hamada) and students Yumiko Oyama, Kazuma Obayashi, Yuto Nakagawa, Tomoya Hiromori, in the city of Kameyama, Japan.

Kumiki- literally meaning a latticework of wood- was organized in such a way that required only 11 different lengths of cedar. “Prior to construction, each of the different length of woods’ cut surfaces were painted with a different color which aided with the ease of construction, like a visual numbering system, as well as added to the overall design of the bench.”

out of place

Photo manipulation by German artist Robert Rickhoff. 

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ZIP Amsterdam

A temporary street stool/ installation inspired by the famous amsterdammertjes and the dutch bike’s culture, by Jihyun David design studio. The seats are made from classic Dutch bike saddles and constructed on the bollards with a solid piece of metal w/a footrest attached to the bottom.


Tape designs by Berlin-based urban intervention collective Stiftung Freizeit (aka Rubén Jódar and Inés Aubert)