Ombra leggiera


Floor drawing in an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Italy, from the 1000 shadows project by Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione.

INATTESA art at the bus stop / Borondo

borondo GAETA.Memorie Urbane Festival 1

borondo GAETA.Memorie Urbane Festival 2

borondo GAETA.Memorie Urbane Festival 3

Bus stop in Gaeta, Italy, with a vitrail created by artist Borondo, his contribution for the project INATTESA – art at the bus stop, curated by Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival 2013.

Check out this video about INATTESA project


a public dialogue between UK artist Mobster and the authorities..


From Berlin with Love

Berliners seem to have found a great way to deal with the window-less facades! The first building is on Warschauer straße and all the rest are in Kreutzberg on and around Skalitzer straße.

Anamorphic projections #3

More of Rub Kandy‘s work @ his blog Rubinetto.

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