Romboidale / Pietro Russo

Romboidale, room divider made of black painted iron and brushed brass crosspieces, with walnut shelves by Italian designer Pietro Russo

Naihan Li II


Naihan Li - I-AM-A-MONUMENT-2.0-2

I AM A MONUMENT 2.0, storage and credenza

Naihan Li - 39ºN-73ºE

39ºN, 73ºE, mirror

naihan-li-crates lounge table

The portable Crates series,  football table, closet and lounge table.

All by Beijing based furniture designer Jing Jing Naihan Li

Monitor Swing Arm / Kent Frankovich






Laser cut plywood DIY monitor arm with spring in the middle and 5 degrees of freedom, meaning the monitor can be moved up-down (1) left-right (2) in-out (3) be tilted forward-back (4) and rotated left-right (5), mounted in Kent Frankovich‘s lab at Stanford and a smaller monitor arm for his home (last image).

Antiquity / Sebastian Errazuriz

Sebastian Errazuriz

Functioning bookshelves titled Antiquity, replica of Venus d’Arles and mahogany wood with brass elements, from the series Functional Sculpture / Sculptural Furniture by New York based designer /artist Sebastian Errazuriz.

The original Venus d’Arles was a copy of the Aphrodite of Thespiae by Praxiteles, gift from Julius Caesar to the city of Arles, lost until unearthed in 17th century Versailles. Still today, the Louvre questions whether to place the work in Antiquities or its 17th Century galleries. She languishes in the storeroom, forever invisible (source)

First image from artist’s current exhibition at Cristina Grajales Gallery, NY

New Steel stool / Noon Studio

Noon Studio Steel_stool_2014-a

The robust New Steel stool 2014 can also be used as coffee table or book holder, no-screw, no-glue system, by London based designers Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taïani of studio Noon.

Noon Studio Steel_stool_2014-b

Noon Studio  Steel_stool_2014-c

Oak oak / Morten Husum

Oak oak - Morten Husum Nielsen 1

Oak oak - Morten Husum Nielsen 2

Oak oak - Morten Husum Nielsen 3

Oak oak - Morten Husum Nielsen 4

Oak oak - Morten Husum Nielsen 5

Oak oak - Morten Husum Nielsen 6

Oak oak - Morten Husum Nielsen 7

Oak Oak chair with cork seat / storage box designed by Copenhagen -based furniture designer Morten Husum Nielsen

Good Vibrations

Ferruccio Laviani for Boffi Good Vibrations 1

Good Vibrations cabinet carved from oak by a CNC machine, designed by Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani for Fratelli Boffi.

Ferruccio Laviani for Boffi Good Vibrations 2

Ferruccio Laviani for Boffi Good Vibrations 3

Collector’s Shelving System / Amuneal

Amuneal - Collector's Shelving System 1

The Collector’s Shelving System, fully adjustable shelves and credenza from the American high-end design fabricator Amuneal.

The solid brass framework comes in various finishes and the credenza units, constructed of solid hardwood, feature sliding aluminium doors in a dark patina.

Amuneal - Collector's Shelving System

Amuneal - Collector's Shelving System 8

Amuneal - Collector's Shelving System 9