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SMSlingshot by VR/Urban. The installation features a handheld digital slingshot device that can spread sms messages on public screens.
Link to video.

good f&*king design advice

Mugs from Good F*cking Design Advice quoting ‘Don’t f*cking procrastinate’ and ‘Stay up all f*cking night’.
Found here.

The Emperor’s New Art

Trailer for the upcoming original web series “The Emperors New Art” starring contemporary artist Ron English, produced by ToTT Global, Ebaums World and himself.
Previous posts to Ron English here and here.
Link to ebaum’s world video.

filter toxic with gems

Designer Gas Masks by conceptual artist Diddo.
An iconic item of a modern world defined by war, fear and extreme desire for authenticity.

time to speak out

No to contemporary art (2006+2007) by Patrick Guns.
Unfortunately we can’t find any info on this brilliant stunt. If you know something, please tell, we absolutely have to be there…

Camnitzer Luis
This is a mirror. You are a written sentence (1966-1968), by Luis Camnitzer. Found here.