private home staircase / Storage Associati

storage associati private home staircase 1

storage associati private home staircase 2

storage associati private home staircase 3

Staircase in a private house designed by Milano based collective Storage Associati


BrownTailor work space via intsight

House in Shioya / Shimpei Oda

shimpei oda house in SHIOYA 1

shimpei oda house in SHIOYA 2

shimpei oda house in SHIOYA 4

shimpei oda house in SHIOYA 5

shimpei oda house in SHIOYA 6

The interior of private residence in Shioya, Japan, designed by Japanese architect Shimpei Oda.

House D


Ultra slim, free standing staircase made of perforated steel, inside a 46 sqm family house located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects.




all photos by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects

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Tree Hut / 37.2

tree hut 37.2 paris tree hut 37.2  paris

Staircase / domestic installation in Paris, titled Tree Hut, designed by French studio 37.2 architects

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Valiasr Stairs

Mehdi Ghadyanloo Valiasr Stairs 1 Mehdi Ghadyanloo Valiasr Stairs 2 Mehdi Ghadyanloo Valiasr Stairs 3 Mehdi Ghadyanloo Valiasr Stairs 4 Mehdi Ghadyanloo Valiasr Stairs 7

Ceramic mosaic on Valiasr street, Tehran, by Iranian street artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo


CaixaForum art gallery @Madrit, Spain, photographed by flickr user k_man123.
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House T / Hiroyuki Shinozaki

Hiroyuki Shinozaki detail20

House-T-by-Hiroyuki-Shinozaki_section_3 House-T-by-Hiroyuki-Shinozaki_section_4


A flexible two-story residence / atelier (75sqm), designed for a young couple by Japanese studio Hiroyuki Shinozaki. The architects created a shifted box where funcions are distributed over the various levels, allowing visual connectivity and communication throughout all storeys of the house.


Hiroyuki Shinozaki detail14







photos by Hiroyasu Sakaguchi and Tatsumi Terado.