Untitled / Brion Gysin

Brion Gysin untitled 1962

Untitled watercolor and ink on paper, 24.4×20.6cm, created in 1962 by British artist Brion Gysin, from the exhibition Witnessing Visions at Ubu Gallery, NYC.

Aphrodite Yawns

Aphrodite Yawns (1967) by Arthur Handy @the National Gallery of Canada.
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Tomas Saraceno‘s interactive installation Cloud Cities @the Hamburger Bahnof, Berlin, consists of twenty clear bubbles of varying sizes being suspended at different heights.
Viewers can interact with all of the bubbles: you can choose to climb on top of them or go inside.
Within each orb is a different organic material like water or plant life.
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Self Portrait as Big World

Image from BOY O BOY, all rights reserved

Self Portrait as Big World by Julie Heffernan, 2008.
More of her work here. Found here.

Tetra Box lamp

Designer Ed Chew makes eco-friendly ”disco ball”  lamp shades, entirely out of upcycled cardboard-packet drink containers

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Biospheres / Tomas Saraceno

Tomas Saraceno‘s  installation Biospheres, explores visionary city planning solutions

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future vacuum

Dust Ball is a honeycombed spherical cleaning droid designed by Dave Hakkens that works the same way as a computer mouse does: a sphere inside is controlled on two axes so the ball can roll in any direction by shifting the weight of its internal components. It is optimized for big / public spaces because it can roll over cables or thresholds between rooms and corridors.
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globe #253

Placed in the new lobby of a  hospital  this light  installation is composed of 860 individual square acrylic cubes,  precisely placed to create a giant glowing globe  complete with all continents and polar caps. Designed and created by Francis Cauffman Architects and  Eventscape