Protect me from what I want / Jenny Holzer

1983, the legendary billboard in Times Square, NY, “Protect me from what I want” by American conceptual artist Jenny Holzer, from the Survival Series.

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Artist Jenny Holzer

Stoa Emporon


The lifeless ground floor galleria of the Merchants Fund building, located in the commercial center of Athens, Greece. Built during the World War II and designed by Greek architects Leonidas Bonis and Emmanuel Lazaridis (Image credit).

Ichihara Lakeside Museum

Nippon design- Ichihara museum 2

Outdoor / indoor direction signs created by Nippon Design Center for the Ichihara Lakeside Museum, Takataki Lake, Japan. The museum has been recently renovated by Japanese architects Yuko Kawaguchi and Jinyu Tei.


Nippon design- Ichihara museum int. signs

Nippon design- Ichihara museum door sign

Nippon design- Ichihara museum 3

Nippon design- Ichihara museum window

Nippon design- Ichihara museum signs dtl

Nippon design- Ichihara museum signs

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BrownTailor work space via intsight

The Making of Neon Signs


The Making of Neon Signs produced by M+ museum, a fine short documentary on the craft and decline of neon sign industry in Hong Kong.

For further exploration visit NEONSIGNS.HK, an interactive online exhibition documenting Hong Kong’s neon signs and check the map of the remaining signs.

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all T- no shade


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