Stoa Emporon


The lifeless ground floor galleria of the Merchants Fund building, located in the commercial center of Athens, Greece. Built during the World War II and designed by Greek architects Leonidas Bonis and Emmanuel Lazaridis (Image credit).

Ichihara Lakeside Museum

Nippon design- Ichihara museum 2

Outdoor / indoor direction signs created by Nippon Design Center for the Ichihara Lakeside Museum, Takataki Lake, Japan. The museum has been recently renovated by Japanese architects Yuko Kawaguchi and Jinyu Tei.


Nippon design- Ichihara museum int. signs

Nippon design- Ichihara museum door sign

Nippon design- Ichihara museum 3

Nippon design- Ichihara museum window

Nippon design- Ichihara museum signs dtl

Nippon design- Ichihara museum signs

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The Making of Neon Signs


The Making of Neon Signs produced by M+ museum, a fine short documentary on the craft and decline of neon sign industry in Hong Kong.

For further exploration visit NEONSIGNS.HK, an interactive online exhibition documenting Hong Kong’s neon signs and check the map of the remaining signs.

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all T- no shade


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'I'm desperate' 1992-3 by Gillian Wearing OBE born 1963


I’m desperate from the project: Signs that say what you want them to say and not signs that someone else wants you to say (1992-93), by British photographer / video artist Gillian Wearing. Standing in a busy area of South London, Wearing stopped passers-by and asked them to write down what was on their mind. With their permission, she then photographed them holding their statement.

In a 1996 interview Wearing described how ‘People are still surprised that someone in a suit could actually admit to anything, especially in the early 1990s, just after the crash… I think he was actually shocked by what he had written, which suggests it must have been true. Then he got a bit angry, handed back the piece of paper, and stormed off.’ (Unpublished interview with Marcus Spinelli, South Bank Centre 1997) via Tate

Chinese fast-food

anja_hitzenberger_chinese fast food anja_hitzenberger_chinese fast food6 anja_hitzenberger_chinese fast food1 anja_hitzenberger_chinese fast food5 anja_hitzenberger_chinese fast food6

2011 series shot in a temporary food court set up inside Beijing’s Olympic Park, by photographer Anja Hitzenberger.

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Day / night view of Ama aka Love (verb) an external light and shadow installation created by gold plated metal and light reflections, at Piazza Duomo, in L’Aquila, Italy, by the Florentine artist Fabrizio Corneli.

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Movement Cafe

Movement Café, a temporary space built next to the DLR station in Greenwich, London, designed by British designer and artist Morag Myerscough in collaboration with poet and tweeter Len Sissay.

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Patmos, banned

Sign at the Central Square in Chora, Patmos, where the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian is located.
The sign reads: “Saint Lesbian Square, tiled by Theodoros N. Kokkinakis at 1904”
Though the word Lesbian originally means a female inhabitant of Lesbos, the letter “s” has been erased (by the Monastery?) to avoid any homoerotic misconception.
Ironically, due to the white brush stroke, the gay interpretation is even more obvious.
Photo by me. Sorry for the quality, but I (still) can’t afford an iPhone…
Check the sign before the censorship here.

Sign out

From the Sign out series, 2009,  by German-based photographer / artist Josef Schulz.
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