nagagutsu daichi / earth boots


Japanese split-toed garden boots, made of flexible but durable vulcanized natural rubber and nylon reinforcement, buy at Objects of Use

Kei Kagami #2


Experimental handbags found in Kei Kagami‘s workspace.
Photos by Kirill Kuletski for dazed

Homage to Picasso / Andre Perugia

André Perugia homage to Pablo Picasso

Homage to Picasso sandal, designed and fabricated by the master shoe maker Andre Perugia, in 1950.

Find more creative footwear design by Kobi Levi here + there


Fisherman’s boots

Fisherman rubber boots with a brilliant packaging from Australian art director Igor Mitin.

T-Rex Attack!

WWT spotted on-line this must-have pair of heels where the famous monster is not printed at the shoe! The monster IS the shoe! Via

Biomimicry shoe

Bird’s skull inspired, 3D-printed shoes by Dutch fashion designer Marieka Ratsma and American architect Kostika Spaho.

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As part of its BE TRUE campaign, Nike has recently released its 2012 Pride Pack of sneakers just in time for the biggest LGBT event in the U.S. (Pride Week, June 17-24).
The shoes come in different design that are specific to each city: New York, San Francisco, and Portland.
Check out Nike’s previous campaigns here.
Found here.

piece of advice

A good piece of advice found at stuck-up piece of crap