Barrel shack

barrel shack Sweden 1

barrel shack Sweden 2

Coopered shack in Sweden made from an old barrel, once used to carry wine on ships, photographed by Kim Walker.
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in a forrest pitch-dark..


Treehut near the Embalse del Neusa, Cundinamarca, Colombia, found at Cabin porn

The Sunset House

Sunset House West Virginia 0

The Sunset House an absolutely gorgeous cabin in West Virginia, built entirely from reclaimed woods and frames from junkyards by the owners Lilah and Nick.

Sunset House West Virginia 3

Sunset House West Virginia 9

Sunset House West Virginia 15

Sunset House West Virginia 4

Sunset House West Virginia 6

Sunset House West Virginia 14

Sunset House West Virginia 5

Sunset House West Virginia 10

Sunset House West Virginia 11

Sunset House West Virginia 12

Sunset House West Virginia 8

Sunset House West Virginia 7

Sunset House West Virginia 13

You may find more photos of the Sunset House @ Old World Grange

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Dream house  –Wall of Doors

Shelters, Shacks and Shanties

Shelters, Shacks and Shanties


Check out Shelters, Shacks and Shanties, a Gutenberg free e-book, originally written and illustrated in 1920 by D.C. Beard.

It has 338 pen and ink drawings, along with instructions for a wide range of shelters, from the simplest and most basic — structures built with nothing but a hatchet — to gradually more elaborate constructions using an axe. It’s addressed to “boys of all ages” and is of special interest to homesteaders or anyone else thinking about putting a simple roof overhead.



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Permanent Camping / Casey Brown Architects

Casey Brown permanent camping 7

Casey Brown permanent camping 1

Casey Brown permanent camping 3 Casey Brown permanent camping 4

Casey Brown permanent camping 2

Casey Brown permanent camping 6 Casey Brown permanent camping 5

A two storey shelter surrounded by large granite boulders and ancient dead trees located on a remote pristine mountain in Mudgee, Australia.

The structure is designed by Casey Brown Architects, has a 3x3m footprint and is made of cooper clad and recycled ironbank. Heavily insulated the shelter offers a lounge area with a small kitchen, a sleeping loft for two and a separate WC nearby. Water can be collected on the roof of the tower and stored in a tank located to the south.

Casey Brown permanent camping

Find more about Permanent Camping shelter @ Casey Brown Architects’ webpage

manifest destiny

Manifest Density! is a rustic cabin installed as a parasite on a big building in San Francisco.
Created by Mark Reigelman (artist), Jenny Chapman (architect ) and Paul Endres (engineering consultant ).
More pics and videos @designBoom.

Soe Ker Tie House

This is quite old project by Tyin Architects, but worth checking it again!

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Carboard Shelter / Atelier OPA

Japanese architectural studio Atelier OPA has designed 2 types of temporary shelters than can be easily assembled using cardboard.
The designers released the blueprints under the Creative Commons license so anyone can build one.

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