Comrades do it better

“Do communists have better sex?” directed by André Meier in 2006, is a documentary exploring the relationship between politics and sex, stating that, despite the west’s continuous efforts to intensify the desire of its citizens, communists do it better.
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Barbara and Bitches Behind Bars

Illuminati_Toys_Barbara_Prison_Block“Now you can acclimatize your Kids to the New Word Order behind bars. Learn the ins and outs of proper slave conditioning from your Masters with this new complete Barbara & Bitches training set. Rules and Regulations included! ”

Photoshop moke-ups of toy sets by the brand “Illuminaty Toys”!

romance tourism

“In Mombasa, Kenya, there is a market for female sextourism. Along the beach frontier, Kenyan men offer themselves to passing women. The meetings between local men and foreign women often spawn romantic feelings for the women that go beyond the act of sex. The relationships are often characterized by both cultural, economical and emotional inequalities. This phenomenon is known as romance tourism”   By Danish photographer Sofie Amalie Klougart.

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70’s gay erotica needlepoint pillows by Maria E. Piñeres, a Colombia-born American artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.
She is represented by DCKT Contemporary in New York City and Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles.
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The Love Life of the Spumifers

Series of hand-painted photographic postcards produced in 1947-48 by French artist Georges Hugnet (1906-1974), From the limited edition book The love life of the spumifers (La Vie amoureuse des Spumifères) by Ubu gallery.

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feed me, I m’ hungry!

Video by Cédric BLAISBOIS, music by Mr FLASH, meat suppliers unknown.

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Yes, Mistress

Picrures of dominatrices practicing in the UK and their clientele by photographer Kate Peters.The project is titled Yes, Mistress and was exibited in Model Gardeners gallery in London.

madame caramel

mistress claudia

mistress absolute

maid francesca I

maid franchesca II


Yes, Yes, Mistress

Pictures from the series Yes Mistress of UK photographer  Kate Peters. Her subjects are dominatrixes, their clients and some of their tools of the trade and the world of domination, bondage and S&M. Visit the whole project at Kate’s site.

dungeon tools

dungeon chamber

pip in cage