Shibari / Jo Nagasaka

Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 01

B&w rubber-coated foam seats, inspired from the art of Japanese bondage, also known as Shibari or Kinbaku, designed by Jo Nagasaka of Tokyo practice Schemata Architecture Office, for Ichiro Inc.

As stated by the architect, the Shibari series aim to generate different activities according to what we tie up and how we tie up.
Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 02

Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 03

Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 05

Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 04

Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 06
Photos by Hirotaka Hashimoto – via spoon&tamago

The Fourth Law of Robotics

This is the VR Tenga demo, a sex simulator prototype made for an Oculus Rift game jam held in Japan.
It uses some basic software, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and Tenga, a Japanese masturbation toy.
The user is supposed to insert his penis into the Tenga, which is synchronized to the visual stimulation given by the headset, in this case an anime character giving a handjob.
More info here. Link to youtube video.

Multipurpose action figure

justin bieber action figureBoy-oh-boy WWT loves toys! Picture by The Social Deviants.

I have a homework assignment for you. Go home, and touch yourself.

img_1_1369676526_c81e728d9d4c2f636f067f89cc14862c img_2_1369676526_a87ff679a2f3e71d9181a67b7542122c img_3_1369676526_c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b img_4_1369676526_eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3
Ménage à Quatre is a new accessory for female self-pleasure, featuring a series of four rings made of silver and silicone, ergonomically designed to stimulate the clitoris and other pleasurable areas.

Ménage à quatre is currently seeking funding on indiegogo.
Found here. Links to videos 1 & 2.

flying saucer

well, it certainly looks like one but it is not: look at the next image and surprise yourself with the inventiveness of contemporary designers!

you can order it here (and while you do , have a look at the item description as adds suspense and value at the flying saucer)

the endless pearl necklace


Meet hotdoll, the first sex toy for dogs in the world. Check puppies in action, here.
Order here.

the vibrator of santa guerro

from artist Al Farrow.