Self portraits / Ryan Burke

Self portraits by NY based make up artist Ryan Burke, on going project on “the relationship between makeup, styling, and photography to create unique expressive characters unrelated to any particular culture, society, race, religion, or gender” 


too much selfies

too much selfies

Selfies collage found at w3pT tumblr

flashings in the mirror / Jasper Elings


Short experimental animation featuring selfportraits found online, by digital artist Jasper Elings.

previously: journey to CMYK mountain

Phillip Schumache

Phillip Schumacher pipo3

Phillip Schumacher pipo4

Phillip Schumacher pipo1

Phillip Schumacher

Phillip Schumacher pipo122

Phillip Schumacher pipo11


Selfportraits of Germany-based young photographer Phillip Schumacher aka Pipo.

Kyle Thompson

kyle-thompson 00kyle-thompson 07Kyle-Thompson-3

kyle-thompson 01

Kyle-Thompson-9 kyle-thompson 02kyle-thompson 04 kyle-thompson-20

kyle-thompson 05

Series of self-portraits by a young photographer from Chicago, Illinois Kyle Thompson.

You may also check out Kyle’s Tumblr  + Flickr

I’m not what you think

Stop motion video with multiple self-portrait loop from Japanese artist Kensuke Koike.

Previous posts on his collage works here and a beautiful papercut  there

Abstract self portraits

Series of self portraits exploring space between the subject and the eye of the camera, by photography-based Japanese artist Akihiko Miyoshi.

via anthology


Japanese trans-gender art director, photographer and costume/performance artist Pyuupiru’s self portrait series.