‘Animal: The Other Side of Evolution’

London based fashion designer Ana Rajcevic has created a series of 8 amazingly striking sculptural pieces that appear as natural extension (or adornments) of the human body, suggesting strength, power and sensuality. Tusk, horn and spine-like pieces come from a unique visual interpretation of animal skeleton structures.  Pieces, that are designed to fit over the face, neck and head are made in complex moulds from fiberglass, resin and silicone.

31_ana-rajcevic-animal-08 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-07 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-06  31_ana-rajcevic-animal-02  31_ana-rajcevic-animal-05 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-04 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-02a 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-01a

Ecce Animal


Ecce Animal (once we were animals) is a human scull made of compression molded cocaine and gelatin by Dutch artist and designer Diddo (previously posted here).
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cloud / Sculpture


Sci-fi cloud illustration by UK creative duo Sculpture, aka director/ animator Reuben Sutherland and musician Dan Hayhurst (prev. feat. here)

X / Luc Deleu


X installation by Belgian architect and urban planner Luc Deleu of T.O.P. office, in Middelheim Park, Antwerpen. via

Tufic / Michael Ferris Jr.

Michael-Ferris-Jr-tufic 1 Michael-Ferris-Jr-tufic 2 Michael-Ferris-Jr-tufic 3 Michael-Ferris-Jr-tufic 4

Mosaic-like sculpture titled Tufic, made of reclaimed wood and pigmented grout by American artist Michael Ferris Jr.

Hot With The Chance Of A Late Storm

Untitled-1 Untitled-3 Untitled-2
Created by James Dive of The Glue Society (previously presented here) for the 2006 “Sculpture by the sea” excibition @Sydney, Australia.
Pictures from James Dive’s flickr account.
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the shortest path between two points is a point

Wind powered kinetic sculptures by Anthony Howe.
Check all of his hypnotizing works in motion in his youtube channel.
Links to videos 1& 2.
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a matter of perspective IV

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Anamorphic sculptures by London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz (previously presented here).
Links to videos 1 & 2.