Yukinori Dehara

Hand painted -paper clay or vinyl- sculptures by Japanese character illustrator and artist Yukinori Dehara

gallery images courtesy of Giantrobot

La cómedie humaine / Isaac Cordal









Selection of resin sculptures, all works of brilliant artist Isaac Cordal.

Check out artist’s current exhibition in Brussels

Planet Green / Anish Kapoor



Monochrome (Planet Green) fibreglass and paint sculpture (187×187×38cm), artist Anish Kapoor.

Christine swimming / Julian Opie

Julian Opie swimming

Acrylic, aluminium, vinyl and fluorescent light sculpture (74.2×206.9x 21cm), titled Christine swimming by London based artist Julian Opie.

Self-portrait (each one of us) / Yoan Capote

Yoan Capote, self-portrait 1

Yoan Capote, self-portrait 2

Yoan Capote, self-portrait 3

Self-portrait (each one of us), 250 kg in equilibrium, concrete and cast bronze sculpture, 175x50x50cm by Cuban artist Yoan Capote.

Greek Torso / Angel Gil

Angel Gil  Greek Torso

Ancient Greek marble torso, photographed by Angel Gil.

Dilator / Nemo Gould

Dilator  Nemo Gould 1

Dilator  Nemo Gould 2

Dilator  Nemo Gould 3

Dilator  Nemo Gould 4

Dilator  Nemo Gould 5

Images from Dilatar, a kinetic sculpture made of found objects, recent work of the American artist Nemo Gould. Video here.

To do to you again what was done before

John Isaacs,

To do to you again what was done before, 2008,  silicone elephant foot sculpture by UK artist John Isaacs (previously featured here).


‘Animal: The Other Side of Evolution’

London based fashion designer Ana Rajcevic has created a series of 8 amazingly striking sculptural pieces that appear as natural extension (or adornments) of the human body, suggesting strength, power and sensuality. Tusk, horn and spine-like pieces come from a unique visual interpretation of animal skeleton structures.  Pieces, that are designed to fit over the face, neck and head are made in complex moulds from fiberglass, resin and silicone.

31_ana-rajcevic-animal-08 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-07 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-06  31_ana-rajcevic-animal-02  31_ana-rajcevic-animal-05 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-04 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-02a 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-01a

Ecce Animal


Ecce Animal (once we were animals) is a human scull made of compression molded cocaine and gelatin by Dutch artist and designer Diddo (previously posted here).
Via I don’t get art.

cloud / Sculpture


Sci-fi cloud illustration by UK creative duo Sculpture, aka director/ animator Reuben Sutherland and musician Dan Hayhurst (prev. feat. here)

X / Luc Deleu


X installation by Belgian architect and urban planner Luc Deleu of T.O.P. office, in Middelheim Park, Antwerpen. via