Abstract Saturn


Two of Saturn’s moons  Mimas (right) and Dion ( left)


MImas , Pandora and Saturn

Mimas and Pandora orbit Saturn, image taken in visible light


Saturn rings

Saturn’s rings and shadows taken in visible light



Dione crosses Saturn’s rings


Saturn and moons Enceladus and Janus

Moons Enceladus (left) and Janus hover above the rings of Saturn


Saturn's moons Prometheus and Daphnis

Saturn’s moons Prometheus sculpting the F ring while Daphnis (too small to discern in this image) raises waves on the edges of the Keeler gap

More @ NASA’s Cassini Solstice Mission

postcards from Saturn

Cassini spacecraft approaching Saturn in 2004: No CGI, no 3D model, this video is made of still photographs stitched together by tephen van Vuuren of SV2 Studios.
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The real Pandora

This is a picture of the 50-mile-wide moon Pandora, taken by the Cassini spacecraft on June 3, 2010.

Cassini launched in 1997 to explore Saturn. The mission was originally slated to end in 2008, but got its first reprieve with 27 months of additional funding to study the planet during its equinox. This year, NASA gave Cassini another 6 ½-year life extension, to continue exploring Saturn and its moons:

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