Is that Swiss cheese I smell?

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Open Switzerland is a conceptual design project by BaseGVA in collaboration with SUMO interactive, where the initiative, comprising provocative, rethought, iconic Swiss imagery, an interactive website and a custom-made «neutral» typeface, launches a debate about what it means to challenge a country’s identity and, in doing so, its very reason for being.
Visit full gallery + make your own poster, here.

Holy Shit House

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Most of my most profound thoughts happen when in complete solitude.  Oddly enough the bathroom is one of the few places where I truly feel alone and have a chance to meditate and have some self reflection.  Some seek church as a place to seek enlightenment.  I have  had my share of organized religion so I built my own place to have religious experiences.

This is a fully functioning outhouse.  The seat is made from a pulpit chair that used to belong to my grandfather, who was for his whole career, a United Church minister.  The Holy Shit House resides in North-Western Ontario, and is still in use on a regular basis.

Created by American artist Jonathan Armistead.
Also check out his glitter fountain installation, here.

from Belgium, with love

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Pictures found in UGLY BELGIAN HOUSES, a blog dedicated to foul architecture which, apparently, Belgium is full of…

you’ve got hate mail

“Hate Mail” by London-based artist Mr. Bingo:
A most notable project in which, for a small fee, he sends the recipient of your choice an abusive illustrated message on the back of a vintage postcard.
Hate Mail recently resulted in a book of the same name, published by Penguin.

hatemail01 hatemail05

Links to interview and book presentation videos.
More info here.

mastering procrastination

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A career guide written in 1949 by William Reilly.
It’s actually a motivational book using the theme of “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” and (unfortunately) does not urge people to give up working.
More info on the book here. Found here. Order here.

a gift to be treasured

small_gift of nothing
Nothing is a gift to be treasured. It is guaranteed to do absolutely nothing, all of the time.
Get a Gift of Nothing, a present perfect for any occasion.
Nothing for Christmas, Birthday or Valentine’s Day (not recommended if you want to continue with the relationship), Nothing is the ideal gift.
Found here. Order here.

the comeback

Microsoft’s witty and sarcastic adv for the new Internet Explorer 10, witch, apparently, “sucks less”…
Link to youtube video.

disappointments diary 2013

The disappointments diary 2013, published by Asbury & Asbury, designed by Jim Sutherland at Hat-trick Design and written by Nick Asbury, with pessimistic proverbs for every week of the year, such as “No news is increasingly worrying” or, the more philosophical, “Every cloud has a silver lining around its heavy grey mass of imminent rain”.
It also includes lists for People who never call and Imaginary Friends and a list of notable deaths.
Found here.