vertical garden / 2012 Architecten

Temporary facade installation by Rotterdam based architecture office  2012 Architecten,  part of an ongoing restoration project at the Stadskantoor, a municipal building in Rotterdam.

” Hundreds of recycled plastic pots previously used in local horticulture projects are arranged in tree shapes that sprawl across the broken down bricks. These are then filled with a variety of seasonal plants.
In addition to recycling the materials necessary to decorate the facade, the designers installed a rainwater capture system with a series of holding tanks in the building’s attic.
A drip irrigation system funnels water from the attic tanks into the potted plants on the building’s exterior, so that waste is almost completely eliminated. Not only that, but the plants absorb carbon dioxide emissions – an estimated 13,000 kg of CO2 is diverted from the atmosphere each year.”

Team: Marco Zaccara, Césare Peeren, Pedro Maicas

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Magic New World

Kids lost in the forest where mysterious and scary things happen, swimming pools floating in mountainous landscapes, modernist buildings filled with entrances to magic new words and many other imaginative stories by illustrator Masha Krasnova-Shabaev.

Haka Building

A  pre-war factory in Rotterdam is  gradually converted  by Doepel Strijkers Architects into  Netherlands’ newest home to eco-friendly water and energy institutions and authorities. The Haka Building – Living Lab is  a wasteless building,  made entirely from recycled and second-hand materials found locally and it is designed  to reduce building’s running costs and carbon footprint. The first phase of the construction is complete, here are some photos of the  ground floor area. Looks like a v cool place to work..

a flexible acoustic partition wall, constructed of 8,000 kilograms of clothing, allows for the exhibition area to be adapted depending the event

Photos by Ralph Kämena

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Studio / Rolf, Zecc architects

metal window frames sticking out from a renovated facade in Rotterdam,  studio + home for the  designer and architect Rolf, made in collaboration with Zecc Architects


pissing in the wind


Public toilet in Rotterdam by Monica Bonvicini, part of the Rotterdam City of Architecture 2007 festival. The cabine has mirrored walls from the outside. From the inside, however, you can see everything around you while taking a piss, which will be a very strange but awesome experience… Found here. More pics here.