World Destroyed by Water / Gustave Dore

Wood engraved illustration of the World Destroyed by Water (Genesis 7:24 ) created by French artist Gustave Doré for a deluxe edition of the Bible de Tours, circa 1866.

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The Convert / Dong Wensheng

Dong Wensheng The Convert 6

Dong Wensheng The Convert 5

Dong Wensheng The Convert 4

Dong Wensheng The Convert 2

Dong Wensheng The Convert 1

The Convert by Chinese photographer Dong Wensheng.

Street Theography / Kostya Smolyaninov

Kostya Smolyaninov -street theography 02

Kostya Smolyaninov -street theography 03

Kostya Smolyaninov -street 03

Kostya Smolyaninov -street theography

Kostya Smolyaninov -street theography 04

Kostya Smolyaninov -street theography 06

Kostya Smolyaninov -street theography 05

From the project Street Theography, created during 2006-2013 in different cities of Ukraine, Poland and Russia, by photographer and curator Kostya Smolyaninov.

busted in the Middle Ages

Conception of Alexander the Great, Les faize d’Alexandre, Bruges ca. 1468-1475. British Library

The Conception of Alexander the Great, Les faize d’Alexandre, Bruges ca. 1468-1475. British Library


The Taymouth Hours, dtl 14thc -British Library

The Taymouth Hours, England 14thc. British Library


Roman de la Rose, France ca. 1380.BL

Roman de la Rose, France ca. 1380. British Library


Queen Mary Psalter, London 1310-1320 -British LibraryQueen Mary Psalter, London 1310-1320. British Library


Psalter, Oxford ca. 1200-1220. BLPsalter, Oxford ca. 1200-1220. British Library

Our selection of medieval sexuality, scans from Discarding images

Headless / Erwan Venn

ErwanVenn papa

Erwan Venn Séminaristes 2

Erwan Venn headless

Erwan Venn faith

Erwan Venn Marie au fusil

Erwan Venn - Grand père Kirch

Headless series by French artist Erwan Venn.

Scorpion Dagger / James Kerr

Animated gifs made -mostly- of northern and early renaissance paintings collages, by Scorpion Dagger aka artist James Kerr.

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1/99 Progress Steps / studio Maentis

99 Steps of Progress by studio Maentis 1

From the 99 Steps of Progress, a satirical reinterpretation of indoctrination and the famous March of Progress illustration, by graphic design studio Maentis

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the priest / Dolk


Handmade three colour silk screen print by Norwegian street artist DOLK(aka Dolk Lundgren)

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