Red Knotted Thread / Akiko Ikeuchi


Site specific silk installation titled Knotted Thread (D h86cm Φ22cm), at Hamaguchi Yozo Museum, Tokyo, by Japanese artist Akiko Ikeuchi.





Trunk Show / Andy Reynolds


From the Trunk Show series by American photographer Andy Reynolds

seeing red

steve-back-hutt-lagoon-01 steve-back-hutt-lagoon-05 steve-back-hutt-lagoon-03 steve-back-hutt-lagoon-07 steve-back-hutt-lagoon-04steve-back-hutt-lagoon-08 steve-back-flag

Hutt Lagoon, a salt lake with a red-pink hue due to the presence of a carotenoid-producing algae, photographed by Steve Back.
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Is that Swiss cheese I smell?

292268open38open24   333500   open5
Open Switzerland is a conceptual design project by BaseGVA in collaboration with SUMO interactive, where the initiative, comprising provocative, rethought, iconic Swiss imagery, an interactive website and a custom-made «neutral» typeface, launches a debate about what it means to challenge a country’s identity and, in doing so, its very reason for being.
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pinch dress

Polyester dress and overall by Hussein Chalayan.

via i’m revolting

we also ❤ Chalayan’s hooded backpack from Nike

my vagina is awsome

“Matt is wearing a necklace made from menstrual blood ice cubes. I made the ice cubes from my menstrual blood.

I have a Mooncup (also called a Keeper). You should Google it, and get one, as they will save you heapo money & are excellent.

I took these photos because I thought it would be funny, and because I do not find stuff disgusting because it came out of my vagina. My vagina is awesome.”

Said and Done by Sarah, aka snaggle tooth.

WWT’s Fashion Tip: Not an ideal combination with your white linen shirt


urban glittering

Graffiti-like sequin installations in Reykjavik, Iceland by Danish/Czech artist Theresa Himmer.
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Invoxicated is Karl-Johan Ekeroth’s graduation work for the Child Culture Design masters programme at the School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
It is an interactive play sculpture based on the concept of tin-cans-and-wire telephone, where children can experience the joy of playing with sound effects in the public space.

Found here. Link to video.