Red Knotted Thread / Akiko Ikeuchi


Site specific silk installation titled Knotted Thread (D h86cm Φ22cm), at Hamaguchi Yozo Museum, Tokyo, by Japanese artist Akiko Ikeuchi.





Trunk Show / Andy Reynolds


From the Trunk Show series by American photographer Andy Reynolds

seeing red

steve-back-hutt-lagoon-01 steve-back-hutt-lagoon-05 steve-back-hutt-lagoon-03 steve-back-hutt-lagoon-07 steve-back-hutt-lagoon-04steve-back-hutt-lagoon-08 steve-back-flag

Hutt Lagoon, a salt lake with a red-pink hue due to the presence of a carotenoid-producing algae, photographed by Steve Back.
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Is that Swiss cheese I smell?

292268open38open24   333500   open5
Open Switzerland is a conceptual design project by BaseGVA in collaboration with SUMO interactive, where the initiative, comprising provocative, rethought, iconic Swiss imagery, an interactive website and a custom-made «neutral» typeface, launches a debate about what it means to challenge a country’s identity and, in doing so, its very reason for being.
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pinch dress

Polyester dress and overall by Hussein Chalayan.

via i’m revolting

we also ❤ Chalayan’s hooded backpack from Nike

my vagina is awsome

“Matt is wearing a necklace made from menstrual blood ice cubes. I made the ice cubes from my menstrual blood.

I have a Mooncup (also called a Keeper). You should Google it, and get one, as they will save you heapo money & are excellent.

I took these photos because I thought it would be funny, and because I do not find stuff disgusting because it came out of my vagina. My vagina is awesome.”

Said and Done by Sarah, aka snaggle tooth.

WWT’s Fashion Tip: Not an ideal combination with your white linen shirt


urban glittering

Graffiti-like sequin installations in Reykjavik, Iceland by Danish/Czech artist Theresa Himmer.
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