Reverse Racism / Aamer Rahman

Reverse Racism by Aamer Rahman from the Australian stand-up comedy duo Fear of a Brown Planet

Humanae / Angelica Dass

A small sample from Humanae, the ongoing vast photographic project on the spectrum of human skin color by Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass

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Find more of these beautiful pantone portraits @  Humanae tumblr page.


on female genital mutilation

Performance of Swedish artist Makode Linde at World art day 15 april 2012 at Moderna Museet, Stockholm.
Makode presented himself as an anatomical nude female red velvet cake and invited Sweden’s Minister of Culture to give him/her a symbolic cliteridectomy by cutting the genital slice first, while moaning and screaming. Then he ate the cake.
Swedish Culture Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth denies doing anything wrong, according to the Guardian, but admits that Mr. Linde’s artistic statement about female genital mutilation in Africa may have been confusing.
More on the story here and here.

..and gay men are bloodthirsty animals!

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in the land of  liberty and opportunity...

Boys Beware“, a chronicle of  the various ways gay men of 1961 stalked their young prey, commissioned by the  Inglewood Police Department, California (!)…  a film shown  to all 60’s pubescent boys in classrooms across USA.

This  ”educational film”  warns the little American boys  that  the homosexual can be anywhere, and he just isn’t happy unless he’s sodomizing a naive teenager. Boys Bewere was also to  help  those young, tender, blond boys recognize the dangers of the mentally ill homosexual, and points out some warning signs. (full film here)

Girls Bewere version was available too..

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A hate free zone

Artist Jerm IX uses a map of Vancouver to declare his city a hate free zone.