color pro-crastination

Cool online game, combines colour theory and gradient interface to match colours.

Play here (

via (+gifs) prosthetic knowledge

good f&*king design advice

Mugs from Good F*cking Design Advice quoting ‘Don’t f*cking procrastinate’ and ‘Stay up all f*cking night’.
Found here.

a refresing way to waste the day

Have a lovely week everybody!

From the series Travel Posters for Lazy People created by illustrator H. Caldwell Turner for CollegeHumor.

(found while procrastinating on facebook)

They Waste Time


Just when i was ready to concentrate at work, my friend Christina send me a link for a series called : the Procrastinators!

The procrastinators are a series by Lernert & Sander and contain 11 episodes of monologues about procrastination: Artists, writers and filmmakers talk about concentration, focus and the fine art of wasting their time! Just-what-I-needed!