Villa Moller / Adolf Loos


Street facade of the Viennese Villa Moller designed by architect Adolf Loos in 1928.

Loos visited the island of Skyros in 1904 and was influenced by the cubic architecture of the Greek islands. (sic)


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Megara Residence / TENSE Architecture


Triangular private house located in the western part of greater Athens, Megara, Greece, designed by Tense Architecture Network (TAN).

Winner of Häuser Award 2016, 3rd prize for best house in Europe.


tense-architecture-residence-in-megara 02






In plan, the residence is arranged within a triangle, whereas in section, it follows the natural inclination. Two open courtyards connected by an open-air corridor are opposed to two closed volumes (sleeping quarters next to the entrance, and the main living area) bridged with a glass-roofed ramp on the opposite side…(read more)


Zen forest house

A beautiful handcrafted forest house in Oregon, USA, inspired by the traditional Japanese Minka homes, build from salvaged materials by Brian Schulz.

Video from Kirsten Dirksen of Faircompanies.

House in Hibaru / Suppose Design

hibaru-07 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-06 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-01 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-04 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-02 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-03 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-05 Suppose Design Office

A 112sqm split level family house, build on the slope of the water reservoir in Fukuoka, created by Japan-based Suppose Design Office.

Photos by Toshiyuki Yano

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The Flood Plain House / Paul Hirzel

Paul Hirzel - Flood Plain House 1

Paul Hirzel - Flood Plain House 2

Paul Hirzel - Flood Plain House 3

Paul Hirzel - Flood Plain House 4

Paul Hirzel - Flood Plain House 5

Paul Hirzel - Flood Plain House

Paul Hirzel - Flood Plain House 6

The Flood Plain House in Idaho, US, designed by American architect Paul Hirzel

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Ktima House / C. Rebelo and S. Martins

Ktima House  C. Rebelo and S. Martins 1

Ktima House  C. Rebelo and S. Martins 2

Ktima House  C. Rebelo and S. Martins 3

Ktima House  C. Rebelo and S. Martins 5

Ktima House  C. Rebelo and S. Martins 4

Ktima, a half-buried 720sqm holiday house designed to connect like a bridge the two sides of a 25560 sqm valley plot, in Antiparos island, Greece. By architects Camilo Rebelo and Susana Martins for Oliaros developers.

Photos by Mads Mogensen – via archdaily

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Nomentana Garden / MVVA

MVVA Nomentana house 1

The entrance and pathways of the Nomentana house on Horseshoe lake, Maine, US, designed by Manhattan based landscape architecture firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA)

MVVA Nomentana house 2

MVVA Nomentana house  4

MVVA Nomentana house 7

MVVA Nomentana house entrance 1

MVVA Nomentana house entrance

Mathilde / NU Architectuur

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house

The renovated Mathilde house, positioned between a busy street on the front and a big garden on the back, designed by Belgian NU Architectuuratelier led by Armand Eeckels and Halewijn Lievens.

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 1

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 3

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 2

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 5

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 10

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 4

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 6


Photography by Stijn Bollaert

Föhr staircase




Staircase in a private house located on a small island in the North Sea, by Swedish architect Karin Matz.

private winery


The interiors of a secluded winery, located in the vineyards of a vast Mykonian private estate.

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Hutong Bubble 32 / MAD Architects

MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 b

Metallic bubble expansion for a renovated courtyard house in Beijing, providing a toilet and a staircase that extends onto a roof terrace, designed by the Chinese MAD Architects.


MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 garden view


MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 a


Mad architects BUBBLE stairS

MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 interiors 1

MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 interiors wc

MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 top

MAD Architects Hutong Bubble 32 top view

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HB6B -one home / Karin Matz


The inexpensive refurbisment of a 36.0 sqm abandoned apartment in Stockholm, by Swedish architect Karin Matz.

The bathroom and the right part of the house, where all the functions are squeezed in on top of, in-between, under and inside each other (bedroom, kitchen, wardrobe and storage) are completely redone, while the rest of the free standing space is left with all walls repaired, but more or less as they have been for the last 20 years.







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