Tillandsia 2

Tillandsia 2b

Tillandsia 6

Tillandsia 6n

Tillandsia 7

Thigmotrope Perch and Thigmotrope Satellite, handmade steel air plant holders found at Flora Grubb Gardens web shop.

Via Fondazza / Paolo Dell’Elce

Paolo Dell Elce - Via Fondazza

Series of vases in mirror polished spun brass by Milan-based industrial designer Paolo Dell’Elce, for Swedish company Skultuna.

Phytophiler / Dossofiorito


Series of hand-thrown terracotta pots with functional accessories, designed by Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo of Dossofiorito studio.





Photos by Omar Nadalini
via ignant

Colored Vases / Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei- According to What vase 2Ai Weiwei- According to What vase 1

Colored_Vases Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei  creating the Colored Vases, part of the installation According to What? at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington D.C., 2012.

Photo: Cathy Carver – via

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Julia Lohmann

Kombu Dwellings julia lohmann 1 Kombu Dwellings julia lohmann 2 Kombu Dwellings julia lohmann 5

Kombu Dwellings, 2010
lacquered wood containers, collaboration with Gero Grundmann and Japanese artisans.

Julia Lohmann 4 Julia Lohmann 2 Julia LohmannTidal Ossuary, 2009
Various vessels made of found animal bones, silver and steel.

Cow benches by Julia Lohmann-01 Cow benches by Julia Lohmann-10Cow benches by Julia Lohmann-14

Cow leather benches, 2005

co-existence Julia Lohmann

co-existence by Julia Lohmann

Co-Existence installation, 2009
9000 Petri-dishes with images of bacteria colonies, perspex, lighting

All works from German born -London based multidisciplinary designer Julia Lohmann

Feeas / Remedios Vincent

Remedios Vincent feeas 2

Remedios Vincent feeas 1

Remedios Vincent feeas 2b

Remedios Vincent feeas 4 Remedios Vincent feeas 3

Remedios Vincent feeas 3b Remedios Vincent feeas 5

Accessories and objects made of antique small pieces, human prosthetics or broken porcelains from the Feeas series, by Spanish designer Remedios Vincent.

folding Paper Vase / Pepe Heykoop

Paper-Vase cover-by-Pepe-Heykoop-8Paper-Vase cover-by-Pepe-Heykoop-77


Coated Paper Vase Cover by Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop and the Tiny Miracles Foundation, winners of the Interior Innovation Award at IMM Cologne 2013.

All vases are handmade by members of the Tiny Miracles foundation in Mumbai. The foundation brings people together that are living on the street out of poverty trough manufacturing small and useful handcrafted objects.

via mocoloco – photos: Annemarijne Bax.

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Rebird Vase / Toer

Rebird Vase toer

Single flower vase by designers Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven of the Dutch studio Toer.

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