Monitor Swing Arm / Kent Frankovich






Laser cut plywood DIY monitor arm with spring in the middle and 5 degrees of freedom, meaning the monitor can be moved up-down (1) left-right (2) in-out (3) be tilted forward-back (4) and rotated left-right (5), mounted in Kent Frankovich‘s lab at Stanford and a smaller monitor arm for his home (last image).

Redux / Alix Welter

Alix-Welter Redux-ISOMETRIC-Shelving 4

Two modular plywood shelving systems, titled Isometric and Pentagonal from the Redux series by Belgian designer Alix Welter.

All parts can be assembled without hardware or glue to produce various shapes.

Alix-Welter Redux-ISOMETRIC-Shelving

Alix-Welter Redux-ISOMETRIC-Shelving 2

Alix-Welter Redux-Pentagonal-Shelving 8b

Alix-Welter Redux-Pentagonal-Shelving 8

Alix-Welter Redux-Pentagonal-Shelving

Alix-Welter Redux-Pentagonal-Shelving 2

A Table for Two

Matt_Innes_Ampersand_table1 Matt_Innes_Ampersand_table2 Matt_Innes_Ampersand_table14

Typography lounge table, homage to the 70’s American type designer Herb Lubalin, created by Melbourne based designers Matt Innes and Saori Kajiwara  
Available at Council of Objects, Australia – via fox is black

kiosk for OCC / Werner Maritsas


werner-maritsas-kiosk-occ4 Werner Maritsas Onassis' kiosk  dtl44



Werner Maritsas Onassis' kiosk dtl5

A plywood movable kiosk I’ve designed in 2010 for the promotion of OCC, a Greek new cultural center, based in Athens.

The design -inspired by the architectural values of the building hosting the events-  offers various morphological properties. Besides the full or half version of the kiosk, user can easily create different types of desks or stands, according to function and location, by subtracting  or adding certain parts.

Designs and model photos following.

a3. views 2  a1. CUBE opseis.theseis ergasias a0. view

a0. cover

werner maritsas kiosk

SANY0256 a2. intro

a5 sinarmologisi

Design + photos Werner Maritsas

You may find more here and there


swingers chair 01 swingers02 swingers03 swingers04

Plywood + steel rocking chairs by Korean designers Cho Neulhae and Jaebeom Jeong.

via ignant

Do-It-Your(Cell)f Phone / David Melis


Experimental homemade cell phone, one more project on the possibilities of individual construction and customization by David Melis from High-Low Tech.

The initial prototype combines a custom electronic circuit board with a laser-cut plywood and veneer enclosure. The phone accepts a standard SIM card and works with any GSM provider. The display is a color 1.8″, 160×128 pixel, TFT screen. The prototype contains about $150 in parts.



more photos on the DIY cell here

previously : the Open Structures project

plywood wolf / Aske

Plywood multilayer artwork made for a new Nike Sportswear store in Moscow, by the Moscow-based visual artist Aske aka Sicksystems.

sympathy for the bulb

“Sympathy for the bulb” – oiled plywood lamp, by Vienna-based architecture collective Stadtpark, (aka Anna Rosinke and Maciej Chmara).