Sunset / Hollis Brown Thornton

Hollis Brown Thornton - sunset


Sunset, acrylic on canvas (76x66cm), by American artist Hollis Brown Thornton

625 Farben / Gerhard Richter


Pixel-like stained glass window (273 cm x 268 cm) in 625 randomly arranged colours, created by German artist Gerhard Richter in 1989.

Ichihara Lakeside Museum

Nippon design- Ichihara museum 2

Outdoor / indoor direction signs created by Nippon Design Center for the Ichihara Lakeside Museum, Takataki Lake, Japan. The museum has been recently renovated by Japanese architects Yuko Kawaguchi and Jinyu Tei.


Nippon design- Ichihara museum int. signs

Nippon design- Ichihara museum door sign

Nippon design- Ichihara museum 3

Nippon design- Ichihara museum window

Nippon design- Ichihara museum signs dtl

Nippon design- Ichihara museum signs

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Colori e profumi del Mediterraneo / Sonia Bardella



Mosaic pieced quilt, titled Colori e profumi del Mediterraneo, made of approximately 24000 tiny squares snipped from old shirts, pillowcases and towels, by Italian patchwork artist Sonia Bardella.



Image by quiltinspiration from the In Full Bloom exhibition 2013 Houston.

lo-res Waterfalls


Gif by French artist and photographer Olivier Cablat


Suns / Penelope Umbrico

Penelope Umbrico suns

Penelope Umbrico suns 2

Photo-based installation titled Suns (From Sunsets) from Flickr, ongoing project by artist Penelope Umbrico. Installation view at Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia.

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Super Magritte

tumblr_mly5uspyGQ1sps67ro1_500 tumblr_mly5uspyGQ1sps67ro2_500 tumblr_mly2fefgqx1sps67ro1_500 tumblr_mly2fefgqx1sps67ro2_500 tumblr_mly20aOWuy1sps67ro1_500 tumblr_mly20aOWuy1sps67ro2_500 tumblr_mly2mseJ5w1sps67ro1_500 tumblr_mly2mseJ5w1sps67ro2_500 tumblr_mly28nXkQY1sps67ro1_500 tumblr_mly28nXkQY1sps67ro2_500Nintendo’s 8bit hero Super Mario meets Belgian surrealist master René Magritte in Super Magritte tumblr project.
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Eco friendly interactive installation / monochrome LCD panel, created by Korean new media collective HYBE. Through the phased opening and closing of circular-segmented black Liquid Crystal, IRIS can create various patterns and control the amount (size) of passing lights.

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