Casald / Ego Vitamina Creativa

Ego Vitamina Creativa -casald 02

Steel staircase with wood treads designed for the renovation of Casald by Italian studio Ego Vitamina Creativa, aka architects Marco Barbieri, Stefano Ambrogio and Simone Felice Zavattaro.

Parquets Aug. Lachapelle, ca 1920


A selection of wood floor designs from the rare early 20’s hardcover catalogue of Auguste Lachappelle Parquets, a company founded in Antwerp in 1889.  At the time Lachappelle was the only house in Europe manufacturing superior wood floors exclusively for princely palaces, castles and mansions.

The book contains more than 120 pages of beautiful parquet patterns and luxurious borders and has been for many years a great source of inspiration for me, on many topics. Recently I’ve started a process of scanning my favorite designs,  a small sample following.








Scans for WeWasteTime


mosaic athens center

B&W mosaic spotted in the basement of a decadent 60’s shopping center in Athens, Greece. Image by WWT.


floors 0

floors 2

floors 4

floors 5

floors 8

Selfeets from ihavethisthingwithfloors instantgram page.

Autograph quilt / Adeline Harris Sears

Tumbling blocks Quilt, Adeline Harris Sears

Tumbling blocks patterned Autograph quilt made by Adeline Harris Sears (1839–1931), found at Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Tumbling blocks Quilt, Adeline Harris Sears dtl 1

Online description of the exhibit: In 1856, seventeen-year-old Adeline Harris, the daughter of a well-to-do Rhode Island mill owner, conceived of a unique quiltmaking project. She sent small diamond-shaped pieces of white silk worldwide to people she esteemed as the most important figures of her day, asking each to sign the silk and return it to her. By the time the signatures were all returned and ready to be stitched into a tumbling-blocks patterned quilt, Adeline had amassed an astonishing collection of autographs. Her quilt features the signatures of eight American presidents; luminaries from the worlds of science, religion, and education; heroes of the Civil War; such authors as Charles Dickens and Ralph Waldo Emerson; and an array of prominent artists.

Tumbling blocks Quilt, Adeline Harris Sears  dtl3

Tumbling blocks tiling



Tumbling blocks floor tiles, a geometric pattern of light, medium and dark colors that has been used in a variety of applications for thousands of years; images by Stijn Bollaert.


vermis 1

vermis 2

vermis 3

Vermis, a digital printed wallpaper with worm patterns, created by London based mixed media artist Malene Hartman Rasmussen.


Festival of Quilts

Festival of Quilts 3

Festival of Quilts 5

Festival of Quilts 4

Festival of Quilts 2

Beautiful motifs from the Festival of Quilts, UK, found here