Raúl Lázaro

Raúl Lázaro Geografías

Imaginary landscapes created  with paper collage, by Madrid based visual artist Raúl Lázaro; the first two images are from artist’s new series Geografías y a veces ni eso.

Raúl Lázaro Geografías 2

Raúl LázaroCloudscapes series

Raúl Lázaro 2Insulario series

Raúl Lázaro 8

Raúl Lázaro 7Los Días Grises series

Raúl Lázaro 5Cometas Perdidas

Reachers / Eiko Ojala

eiko ojala reachers 1 eiko ojala reachers 2 eiko ojala reachers 3 eiko ojala reachers 4

New papercut series titled Reachers by Estonian graphic designer Eiko Ojala.

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Untitled / Marlo Pascual


Folded vintage photo by artist Marlo Pascual at Saatchi Gallery’s Out of Focus exhibition.

Forest / Eiko Ojala





Forest paper cuts by Estonian graphic designer Eiko Ojala, for his solo exhibition Teine lõige at Von Krahl, Tallinn.

Wish diamonds / Kensuke Koike

Kensuke Koike 1

Kensuke Koike wish project 1

Kensuke Koike wish prj

Kensuke Koike wish collage 1

Kensuke Koike wish 1

Photo collages from the Wish project by Japanese artist Kensuke Koike.

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Pure White Paper / Li Hongbo

Beijing artist  Li Hongbo demonstrating one of his paper sculptures , inspired by traditional Chinese paper decorations.


A 360-degree storytelling book designed by Yusuke Oono, from Noiz Architects.

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haunted mirrors

Collage series by Allison Diaz. Found here.