Homage to Picasso / Andre Perugia

André Perugia homage to Pablo Picasso

Homage to Picasso sandal, designed and fabricated by the master shoe maker Andre Perugia, in 1950.

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Picasso’s light drawings

picasso light drawings 1949 a

Pablo Picasso discovering a new photographic technique in 1949, by Albanian photographer Gjon Mili, from LIFE magazine.


picasso light drawings 1949 b

picasso light drawings 1949 c

picasso light drawings 1949 d

picasso light drawings 1949 e


“it was 1949 when Pablo Picasso was introduced to Gjon Mili, a photographer who at the time worked for LIFE magazine – where he demonstrated some of his images of ice skaters with lights fixed to their skates, jumping in the dark. Fascinated from the results, the spanish artist then conceived a series of projected light drawings in a dark room with two separate cameras and a small electric light attempting to ‘paint’ his versions of centaurs, bulls and Greek profiles.” via design boom

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