El mujo rojo / Carlos Cruz-Diez


El mujo rojo, painted in 1956 by great Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez.

Tape Paris / Numen For Use

Numen -For Use, Tape Paris  1

Tape Paris is the latest installation of design collective Numen / For Use,  part of an extensive group exhibition titled Inside, at Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

According to the creators It took twelve people ten days to wrap-up the concrete pillars in the great entrance hall of Palais de Tokyo into a maze of accessible translucent passageways, which coil 50 meters through the gallery space and reach the total height of 6 meters.

Numen -For Use, Tape Paris 3

Numen -For Use, Tape Paris  9

Numen -For Use, Tape Paris

Numen -For Use, Tape Paris 7

Untitled / Ruth Asawa

ruth asawa 2

ruth asawa 3

Untitled, copper, iron, and galvanized steel crocheted wire sculptures (1955) from Japanese American artist Ruth Asawa. (images taken at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, CA via + via)

Future Urban Pets


Artist Tuur van Balen proposes changing pigeons from flying rats to cleaning agents:
A specially engineered bacteria, harmless to pigeons, could potentially change pigeon faeces into biological soap.
For his project Pigeon D’Or, van Balen built a coop that clips to a window, which would allow future apartment dwellers to harvest their very own fresh, pigeon-made soap.
Via Next Nature.


Hybrid sustainable building @Sao Paulo, by French-Brazilian architects Triptyque.
The walls are made of organic concrete with pores that allow several plant species to grow, creating a layer of vegetation that works like the skin of the structure.
Pictures found here and here.
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Zero 7 – Futures (feat. José Gonzales). Made by artist Robert Seidel based in Jena, Germany. More of his work, here.
Link to video.