Peaches Does Herself


Critics have described the movie as “a ‘Pina’ for the queer and sexually liberated crowd” while Peaches herself likes to describe it as “The Jukebox Musical that got a Sex Change”!

An autobiographical electro-rock-opera with an air of Tron but loads of dicks and pussies. A species of “anti-jukebox musical”, in which the Canadian artist unleashes her vision of the world based on contagious beats and hermaphrodite dancers. Food for thought # and more…

sempre viva

marria callas

When Maria was leaving Christina to sing at Covent Garden in London, where people had slept outside for five nights to get tickets, as she was leaving the Christina in the Mediterranean to fly back to London, he said to her:  why do you bother to sing? I’ve got plenty of money.. (Robert Sutherland’s interview here)

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take me to the Opera!


Flamboyant baroque shoes (to match the Royal Opera House decoration) by Alexander McQueen

Pavilion 21 MINI Opera

The Pavilion 21 MINI Opera (Munich, Germany) by the cooperative  architectural design firm Coop Himmelb(l)au. It was created to be a mobile performance space for the Bavarian State Opera. Its aluminum spikes were created not only to add space to the interior, (and make it look super cool), but also to deflect unwanted exterior noise, so all it’s 300 occupants will be able to hear are the magnified voices of the singers. Found here.