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Light sculpture/ mirror designed by Japan-based design firm Nosigner, for the Taro Horiuchi fashion shop.
The diffused LED light is created by a special kind of aluminum foil which allows to reflect varying projections, so that you will never see the same light pattern on the wall. 22141231 is the title of this work, that was named after the perfect solar eclipse that will appeare about 200 years later


Previously: Olive project by Nosigner


Japanese design collective Nosigner has launched OLIVE, a wiki-style website that anyone can edit, which provides tips and tutorials on how to survive in disaster-stricken areas, improvising with materials and objects

how to make a dish from a plastic bottle

how to make a cup from an empty can

How to make a cup from a candy package or a paper bag

How to make a spoon from a milk carton

how to stay warm in cardboard house

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