Sam Baron

sam baron 7

Objects, furniture and pendant light by French designer Sam Baron

sam baron 2

sam baron collection

previously: Mattia Bonetti’s work here and there

Moss House / Nendo

nendo dry moss 2

nendo dry moss


nendo dry moss 0


nendo dry moss tokyo


An old wooden house in Tokyo decorated with patterns of dry moss by Japanese architectural firm Nendo (2008).

Previously: thin black racks by Nendo

Nicola Samorì


Oil paintings from Italian artist Nicola Samorì

Eroteme mirror

neo-baroque mirror w/ a coat hanger functionality by designer Stanislav Katz

via yanko design

Mattia Bonetti

I’ m a HUGE fan of  Mattia Bonetti‘s work (since the glorious barbaric times of Garouste/Bonetti @Neotu).

Mattia Bonetti sees himself more as a furniture designer than purely an artist – but shows his work in art galleries. The artist’s statement on his own work : “I try to situate myself and my designs into a gap where things do not exist, and it is the gap I always want to find, to explore all by myself, something in-between. I don’t know if you can call my work only “design” or only “art,” it is something in between, where there is a special space.”

Happy birthday cabinet

mattia-bonetti table

Abyss table

Mattia Bonetti George Side Table Lamp

George side table / lamp

Chewing gum table

Alu console

Toast chest of drawers

Mattia Bonetti_Coffee Table DRIPPING_big

Dripping coffee table

Mattia Bonetti armchair

Colour Ball armchair

mattia bonetti 3

Three Circles Coffee Table

Mattia Bonetti 00

Tokyo coffee table

Cards commode

Mattia-Bonetti-Tower Cab

Tower capboard

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