Morning / Zhu Xi

Zhu Xi, morning_906

Zhu Xi, morning_905

Zhu Xi, morning_910

Photographs by Paris-based Chinese artist Zhu Xi

All things seem possible in May

hello May!

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northern lights

Time-lapse clip of a fascinating aurora borealis, shot through an airplane window by photographer Paul Williams, as he flew from London to New York in November 2013.

For more videos, info, auroral mythology and apps visit the Norwegian Nordlys site. Find some facts on auroras @ bbc /future and check some great aurora photos @ Tom Eklund’s site.

Or jump into the amazing Cueva de los Cristales in Mexico

it came from beneath the sea

Nature Sounds for Me is a sound mixer that uses nature sound environments such as sea waves, wind, birds, or even cat purr. You can save your compositions creating an online link, or you can download them as .ogg files.
Click on image above to hear wewastetime’s spooky mix with sounds of crying whales.

forest landscapes / James Chronister

James Chronister 002  James Chronister 005 James Chronister 005DTL

James Chronister 001 James Chronister 1 James Chronister 2

James Chronister 4

Pointillist oil paintings by San Francisco artist James Chronister.

via L.A.I.

the skin I live in

Anatomical drawings by Argentinean artist Juan Gatti, primarily known for his fashion photography and and his graphic design for Pedro Almodovar’s films.
More of his drawings here. Found here.

the tourist

[vimeo w=560&h=310]

“The tourist” by Berlin based multimedia artist  Clemens Wilhelm explores the visual language of porn, clashed with National geographic and Caspar David Friedrich‘s romantic landscapes.
Link to video.

Mirko Hanak

Watercolour + brush illustrations by Czech painter, graphic designer and master illustrator Mirko Hanak (1921-1971).

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Returning Tree / Yuri Serizawa

Directed & animated by Tokyo based motion designer  Yuri Serizawa

Music: “Stillness” – Lycoriscoris // “Amenooto” – Lycoriscoris.

via robot mafia


A nice, complex word that sounds smart and can impress your friends! It is composed of the words Bio-mimic-marketing and stands for using images of nature to market a product. Biomimicmarketing strategies can be roughly summarised in five categories:  Using nature as aesthetics (such as the juice packages above and bellow-which are great by the way), Use nature as metaphor (e.g. Puma sneakers), Promote a ‘natural’ feeling when using the product, Brand it Eco-friendly and Brand it ‘naturally’ made. Read the full article here and be very impressed or/and scared of how marketing can shove products down our throat (while making us feel natural at the same time!)



Landcarpet by Florian Pucher is a rug capturing the aerial view of farmed landscapes all over the world, based on satellite images. The one above is Europe.

Self Portrait as Big World

Image from BOY O BOY, all rights reserved

Self Portrait as Big World by Julie Heffernan, 2008.
More of her work here. Found here.