WORD / Kool A.D.

Music video for Word by Kool A.D. aka artist / rapper Victor Vasquez, directed and animated by LA animator Teddy O’Connor. Character designs, backrounds and storyboards by Kool A.D.

NSFW – via stash

Bad Kingdom

Hand-drawn story of corruption and greed.
Directed and produced by Berlin based multimedia studio Pfadfinderei for Moderat.
Illustrations by Bernado Maldonado Morales, Daavid Mörtl, Benedikt Rugar, Arne Jysch, Moritz Friedrich.
Via nerdcore. Link to video.

from far enough away everything sounds like the ocean

Music video for “Rivers” by Small Feet, directed and edited by Oskar Wrango.
No computer effects were used in the film, the shots with the guy running on fire are real, only edited in reverse (pun intended!)
More details and a short interview in stashMedia.
Link to video.

I (still) feel love

Giorgio Moroder‘s electro – disco anthem I feel love, time stretched by TelegenicX in a ketamine – high 44min version.
It is decelerated to about 800% and it still sounds great.
Via soundcheck. Link to video.

the Toa Mata Band

The Toa Mata Band by Italian music producer Giuseppe Acito is a fully working music band made up of several tiny robotic LEGO figures, programmed to play various electronic instruments.
Each “member” of the band is constructed from LEGO Bionicle pieces rigged with rubber bands and pulleys. Their arms are controlled by an Arduino Uno connected to an iPad running Nord Beat, a MIDI sequencer app. The tiny bots essentially perform a MIDI sequence by hitting the instrument they’re facing when prompted.

Found here. Pictures found in Giuseppe Acito’s flickr. Links to videos 1 & 2.

Aydin / Discodeine

Music video created by Paris- based digital artist collective Pleix, for the French music duo Discodeine.

The entire video is made of CGI. Motion capture was used for all animation and rendered as colored solids. This technique is used in 3D post production to easily separate objects from one another (one color per object).

things played backwards #2

Yenom, yenom, yenom by ABBA.
Link to video.


Music video for the track “Pleasures [FIELDS]“ by British music producer Max Cooper in collaboration with Canadian art rock band BRAIDS.
Every element of the video is handmade, scanned, then animated with a video editing software by Belgian artist / illustrator Cédric De Smedt.
More info on original post. Link to youtube video.

Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web1 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web3 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web5 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web7 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web8 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web9 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web10