monsters everywhere / Relleno de Mono

Relleno de Mono monsters 1

Monsters added in vintage photographs by Chilean illustrator Relleno de Mono

Relleno de Mono monsters 20

Relleno de Mono monsters 19

Relleno de Mono monsters 4

Relleno de Mono monsters 21

Relleno de Mono monsters 15

Relleno de Mono monsters 10

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Bless You / Philip Watts

An architect in the skies tires of his creation and decides to spice things up a bit, animation by Melbourne based film editor Philip Watts.

beauty, death, and the mundane

drawings by Jackson S. Wingate from his Blood Factory tmblr, featuring fleshy, disfigured, twisted,  darkly-humored creatures that are often in a philosophical mood.

blood farm 3 blood farm 10  blood farm5 blood farm8 blood farm9 blood farm14click HERE for one more…

Torment of Saint Anthony / Michelangelo

michelangelo torment-of-saint-anthony

The Torment of Saint Anthony,  Michelangelo‘s earliest known painting (c. 1487-­88) created when he was only 12 or 13 years old…

Kimbell Art Museum, Texas

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Wicked Monsters

Tomahawk 4_ob Tomahawk 9_o Tomahawk 77_otomahawk_twk_wicked_monsters_07


Tomahawk 50

Wicked Monsters and Apocalypse by Paris based illustrator Gwen Tomahawk

Click here and scroll to the right for a nightmarish landscape from Tomahawk

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the life aquatic #3

The octopus world by Vienna based digital artist Heri Irawan.

Hoppla Weber

Andreas Paul Weber Hoppla Kultur 1

The last private person

Andreas Paul Weber Hoppla Kultur 2You must howl with the wolves

Andreas Paul Weber Hoppla Kultur 3The Rumor

Hoppla KulturThe Great Paralysis

Andreas Paul Weber Hoppla Kultur 5Backbone out!

Lithographs from the book Hoppla Kultur (50 Bilder zur Herrlichkeit unserer Zeit / 50 pictures to the glory of our times, published by C. Bertelsmann in 1954) by German artist Andreas Paul Weber (1893-1980).

All images from Arthur van Kruining’s Flickr set.

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BAKEA, Juan Carlos Paz 3

BAKEA, Juan Carlos Paz 2

BAKEA, Juan Carlos Paz 4

BAKEA, Juan Carlos Paz 8

BAKEA, Juan Carlos Paz 6

BAKEA, Juan Carlos Paz 5

BAKEA, Juan Carlos Paz 7

Digital creatures on landscape photos by Madrid based illustrator BAKEA aka Juan Carlos Paz.

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